Mean World Syndrome

February 26, 2019

People everywhere in America are thinking violent crime rates are high as ever. This is simply not the case. This anomaly is called the Mean World Syndrome. The mean world syndrome causes people to be more paranoid than they shou...

Social Media Benefits School

February 26, 2019

Dear Wolf Prints, I would like to talk about social media and how it benefits the school. Some teachers may say that social media is a distraction for students and doesn't help them to focus on school work, but I will show...

The Wasted Walkout

May 17, 2018

Why Prairie Ridge Should Adopt Student Government

Adnan Noorullah, staff writer

September 26, 2017

IN HIGH SCHOOLS ACROSS THE NATION, students make their voices heard by electing a student to be their class president and numerous other students as their student legislature.  The job of class presidents and legislatures is t...

The Sexist Truth Behind Dress Codes

Monet Lindstrand, staff writer

September 26, 2017

A dress code is “a set of rules, usually written and posted, specifying the required manner of dress at a school, office, club, restaurant, etc.”(Webster Dictionary), and ideally it is established at schools to create an environ...

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