Gun Control is About Control


Vladimir Lenin once said “One person with a gun can control 100 people without one.” 

Now picture this: You’re standing in line at a bank waiting to cash a check when someone with a gun walks in and says, “Everyone, lay on the floor.” Naturally, everyone lays on the floor. Now picture this: 15 people in the bank are carrying guns. They’re not looking for trouble; they just have a gun just in case. So the guy walks in and says, “Everyone, lay on the floor.” Instantly 15 guns are pointed at him: “No, sir, you lay on the floor.” 

Gun control isn’t about guns; it’s about control. Every dictator has wanted gun control: Lenin wanted it, Stalin wanted it, and Hitler wanted it. Why is it that every dictator has wanted gun control? Well the answer is simple: they don’t want a rebellion because of their power and control over the people. Guns are a risk they aren’t willing to take. 

Need an example? Just look at the American Revolutionary War. After the UK lost the colonies, they cracked down on guns to make sure that they would never lose a colony again. 

Another example is the Russian Ukrainian War where citizens are arming themselves to defend their country. We need guns because of the fact that we might face a day where our government needs a militia to defend ourselves and logistics are a lot easier if soldiers bring their own guns and ammunition. 

Guns are needed and important for a nation’s integrity and the citizens’ wellbeing.