Letter to the Editor: Justice for Ukraine, Peace in United States

The United States should supply Ukraine with necessary weapons until they are obliged to fight Russia because a NATO country is attacked. The US should keep doing what they are doing, as getting involved right now might result in unnecessary death of US soldiers. Fighting alongside Ukraine will eventually be the only solution, as one day troops will run out as this battle is becoming 1 sided, but we can only hope. Ukraine has surprisingly stood their ground and we should commend them, as they’ve fended off eventual invasion of NATO countries. I do think we should have a program that lets people go and fight if they want to, as we should be helping Ukraine in small amounts at first. I feel as if this whole battle will end in victory for Ukraine, the specifics however are unclear. – Kellan Jarvis

The U.S. should stay peaceful for the time being. Russia is only attacking Ukraine as of right now and the U.S. is safe. If the U.S. gets involved now it may affect the whole country negatively. Russia is being very aggressive with Ukraine and is destroying buildings, hospitals, cars, and even people. By the way Putin has been acting, the U.S. could be targeted very fast for doing one thing. If Biden and the troops make smart decisions and help Ukraine in a disguised way then the U.S. should stay safe. – McKenna Moore

The United States should not do anything more than supply Ukraine unless we know and can guarantee that Russia is going to attack more than just Ukraine, such as NATO countries. According to Fiona Hill, a former intelligence officer, from the New York Times op-ed, shares that: “Mr. Putin’s aim is bigger than closing NATO’s ‘open door’ to Ukraine and taking more territory — he wants to evict the United States from Europe. As he might put it: ‘Goodbye America. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.’ ”. Russia may have larger ambitions than just taking over Ukraine, as stated by Ms. Hill, and there is a high and likely chance of this being true, and we cannot know for certain what Putin may decide to do. In the meantime, The united states has been aiding Ukraine, over the course of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The Washington Post explains that: “President Biden has authorized nearly $1 billion in military assistance over the past year for Ukraine, including $350 million in weapons such as antitank and antiaircraft missiles last week, and $200 million in drawdowns from U.S. arms stocks approved in December.” The United States has heavily impacted the outcome by aiding Ukraine, such as handing them antitank and antiaircraft missiles. As far as can say right now, it is best to supply Ukraine with supplies, such as money, food, weapons, etc, to further change the outcome of this war without going into the war front firsthand. Until we gather more information, it would be in the U.S’s best interest to continue what they are doing now, and if more key information is given that Putin does plan to attack NATO, to then step in and fight the war with the Ukrainians, to save the NATO countries but not only them but Ukraine as well. – Shane Elliott