Letter to the Editor: Helping Ukraine, Inviting War

The US should become involved with the Ukraine conflict. In the past, in situations like these, we got involved. If we help Ukraine by sending troops, we may escalate the War. However, we also joined NATO for the reason of defending other countries. By doing so we have a moral obligation to help out Ukraine. – Nathan Bernhard

Although the US can’t do very much about a war going on all the way around the globe, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can’t do. The United States should send more weapons and materials the Ukraine needs or could put to use long enough to hold off Russia’s troops. “Supply the Ukrainians with weapons while imposing crippling sanctions on the Russian economy. These measures are designed to shift Putin’s cost-benefit analysis, making the war costly enough that he’ll look for some kind of exit” [Beauchamp]. If we are able to assist the Ukraine and hold them off long enough to fight off Russia, it’ll get to the point where Russia will start to lose financially, which will most likely throw them off even after the war.  An article written by Time states that, “The Ukrainians will need a steady flow of small-arms ammunition, counter-drone rifles, Javelin and NLAW anti-tank weapons, and Stinger anti-air missiles, as well as secure communication systems and medical supplies.” [Mitchell] Since Ukraine is very short on supplies and weapons such as ammunition and guns, why not help them out as they fight this war that they don’t deserve. We have the most powerful military in the world, why not help a poor, defenseless country? – Brooklyn Lucia

I believe the US should try their best not to get into the situation unless it involves NATO. Russia has already started war between them and Ukraine and if things escalate by the US getting involved then it will draw the entire world into war. So if the US stays out of it for the moment they can prevent that future. Russia has one of the strongest militaries on this planet and they don’t seem to care about what they use. If the US stays away unless NATO gets involved then it can save possibly millions of lives. – Richard Medine