Letter to the Editor: We All Need to Get Along

We need to keep our values and help others in need.

America shouldn’t just help themselves, if we only help ourselves it will only isolate ourselves more, therefore, making us on our own. We should be united as a planet and help each other get by/be civil. “Such ties of alliance connect national governments with individual citizens, sometimes through intermediary political organizations such as voluntary associations, parties, professional groups, etc.”(How nations come together).

We also need to connect EVERYONE no matter their race, gender, or where they come from, etc. if we just glue ourselves to people who are just like us we will be bored and not open-minded enough to understand the problems other people are going through. “We also know that inclusive coalitions comprising ethnic minorities and majorities alike greatly reduce the risk of civil war and promote economic growth.”(How nations come together).

As you can see it is better to all get along and work together to help out the world than to do the opposite. – Allison Medine