Letter to the Editor: Syrians Need US

It is estimated that 13 million Syrians are displaced and 6.7 million refugees have been forced to flee Syria(Refugees of the Syrian Civil War). Currently there is a civil war going on in Syria that is forcing many Syrians to flee to safety. About 580,000 Syrians are dead due to the war. 

The US has provided $16 billion in humanitarian assistance since the war started but they could do more to help. The United States should start getting more involved with the Syrian war because the US can provide help to maybe even stop the war. The US has only really donated money to assist the Syrian refugees but hasn’t done much else. 

The United Nations, on the other hand, “has been on the ground since the start of the crisis providing shelter, lifesaving supplies, clean water, hot meals and medical care to families who have been forced to flee their homes” (Syrian Refugee Crisis Explained). Since the war started, the UN has put a whole lot more effort into helping the Syrian refugees, so why can’t the US? The US clearly has the resources to help and even fight in the war, so why haven’t they stepped in yet? The UN has also “supported close to 800,000 additional Syrian refugees with emergency cash assistance to help them meet their most basic and urgent needs” (Syrian Refugee Crisis Explained). Even though it’s technically the UN’s job to assist people and counties in need, that doesn’t say that other countries who have the resources aren’t able to help. Ultimately, the US should at least try and put forth more of an effort to help and support Syria and Syrian refugees by giving more resources, providing asylum, and maybe even assisting in the war. 

The Syrian war needs to end; someone has to step in. – Sydney Carson, class of 2025