Letter to the Editor: Bombs or Art Projects?

How Should America Respond to Syria’s Refugee Crisis?

It has been ten years since the worst refugee crisis started.

The Syrian Crisis has put 21 million refugees and host families in immediate danger. But the real trouble started around 2011, when the government started to break up peaceful protests violently. This escalated to unrest. Now the daily routine includes children making bombs instead of art projects. The United States needs to show their support in whatever way possible.

We need to send more money, specifically in support of children’s education…in support of everyone’s chance for a future. Because under a third of the 8.6 million adolescent refugees aren’t receiving any form of education at all, 49.9% of the funding UNICEF receives goes toward education, proving how much Syria lacks opportunities for their future leaders. These children could be the solution to the public injustice present in Syria currently. Therefore, until the future generation finds a solution, we should open our doors to anyone seeking asylum from Syria.

According to the Wikipedia page Casualities of the Syrian civil war, “As of December 2022, a minimum of 580,000 people is estimated to have been killed.” The fact that we’ve only had 10 servicemen and 3 civilians killed would make it easy for us to take in refugees and with a low risk of attack.

Simply put, we must fund more of the children’s education and welcome Syrian refugees with open arms. – Chloe Graham, Honors World Studies student