Letter to the Editor: Chaos and Pain Requires Involvement Now

The US should help Ukraine and stop Russia from attacking them. According to a Radio Liberty article, there have been an estimated “3,300 civilian deaths.” Innocent people are dying because of something they are not involved in, which is not fair to them or their families. If the US and other countries allied to Ukraine get involved, then that number of dead civilians could go down. The BBC News article says that Ukraine’s president has “accused Russia of war crimes after air strikes on the country’s second city.” It seems that Putin is continuing to commit war crimes which are not okay and need to be stopped. As you can see, the US needs to get involved in the war, before much worse happens. – Ashley Stiefer

There is nothing to lose, they said, get involved they said. False, there is in fact too much to lose. Lives at stake, war crimes being committed, quite literally a world divided. conflicts like this war between Ukraine and Russia are what started the first and second world war. Despite all of this I do think the U.S. and its NATO allies should get involved. There is no stopping Putin at this point, he is too power hungry. At this point there are no right options. If we don’t get involved innocent people die, and if we do get involved soldiers die. Either way there is no stopping the bloodshed and chaos that will come from this war. – Victor Cortez