Letter to the Editor: Ammo and Supplies for Ukraine, Sanctions for Russia

The U.S. should be aware but not interfere yet. We know that in the news Russia isn’t having the best moment with Ukraine. As the U.S. is a part of NATO, this source claims,” the U.S. helped form the security alliance NATO”. The U.S. is technically in an alliance with Ukraine and has been on their side for multiple occasions and could help them when they need. Right now the U.S. and probably other countries have blocked shipments from Russia like the oil shipment. A website called How the U.S. Should Respond if Russia invades Ukraine states,” This means committing to a larger effort to isolate Russia economically as well as waging a diplomatic campaign to isolate Russia globally”. A lot of countries are taking baby steps and the U.S. should too. No matter what, getting involved too early or too late still puts anyone at a rough patch. With the U.S. or really any other countries not being dragged in too much with this war, so far, we should probably stay silent but ready to go if there is help needed. – Kelly Wehner

I think that the United States should not get involved militarily in Ukraine. America has been sending in weapons and medical supplies, food, and water which is amazing and probably very helpful. But I don’t think that it would be the best idea to send in troops to Ukraine in order to fight against the Russians. According to Geoffry Skelley, a writer for FiveThirtyEight, The U.S. has deployed over 3,000 troops into Ukraine’s neighboring countries like Poland. I think this is the best solution to the situation because it is preparing for the unknown (in case of Russia invading other countries), without the fact of getting involved first hand. If we were to go in directly it could get very messy and make things more complicated. If Russia decides to invade neighboring countries that are a part of NATO, the United States will get involved, due to the laws of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), which was made as sort of an alliance against the soviet Union in 1949. In conclusion, I think that the United States should keep sending in supplies to Ukraine, and troops into neighboring countries as of now. – Bree Sittner

The US should act upon the sanctions that will hurt Russia’s economy and should continue supplying Ukraine with weapons and ammo. According to NPR.org, It says that the new sanctions biden imposed “by foreign states have entailed a considerable increase in the ruble exchange rate and limited the opportunities for Russia to use its gold and foreign currency reserves.” This shows how the sanctions have taken a toll on Russia’s economy. It might make Putin back out of Ukraine for fear of further damage. Also the recent cut of Russia’s oil from the US has taken a big toll on the countries overall economy and income. Also according to Reuters.com, The US sped up the licensing for gun and ammunition shipments to Ukraine. This evidence shows that the US thinks it’s necessary to send out guns and ammo to Ukraine because we think they have a fair fight in the battle. President Zelensky of Ukraine reportedly said that” I need ammunition, not a ride.” – Danny Savas

Unless the US or NATO become directly threatened by Russia’s actions towards Ukraine, the US should not get involved in the conflict. We are already supporting Ukraine with weapons and other supplies, so unless we are threatened further, the us need not get involved further. The US joined World War 1 because Germany had sank American merchant ships around the British Isles. They joined World War 2 because Japan had directly bombed Pearl Harbor. They joined the Vietnam war, Cold War, and Korean war to contain communism, because it would threaten their economy. We didn’t get involved in most of those conflicts until we were directly threatened. Why should that change for this conflict? -Kevin Randles