Protect Your Community – Wear a Mask

My experiences as a cashier in a high risk environment have a direct link to my tendency towards wearing a mask when I go out. It is not only because of my job, but also because of the high-risk people in my life in which I believe that mask mandates in the state of Illinois should stay in place until Covid-19 dies down. Firstly, a lot of members in my community, particularly, are asking the same question: “Do masks actually work against Covid-19?” This question, however, has an answer backed by science. According to the CDC “Studies show that masks reduce the spray of droplets when worn over the nose and mouth.” Thus, when hearing fellow citizens of McHenry County ask this question, it is particularly concerning. Also it shows me that they have not done their research. Secondly, I and many others have wondered just how effective masks are in preventing the spread of the coronavirus. The US National Library of Medicine says “filtering respirators … can respectively block at least 95% [of particles.]” Therefore, the idea that masks are not effective is a bogus conspiracy. Overall, when it comes to wearing masks when we go out, at the end of the day, nobody wants to. Additionally, my experiences are those which only few may relate to. However, it is our job as a community to protect each other and do what we can to put an end to Covid-19.