PR Students Miss the Asynchronous Day

PR Students Miss the Asynchronous Day

Ever since PR students have transferred back to a normal schedule, the thought of an asynchronous day has disintegrated into the past. During the course of E-Learning, students received a day where they still had assignments; however, they didn’t have to log onto Zoom or go into school. 

This asynchronous day had been new to everyone; some students benefited from it while others fell short of the goal of the asynchronous day. 

The purpose of this asynchronous day was to give students an opportunity to catch up on missing assignments or get help from teachers. Some teachers even posted the assignments before Wednesday so students could get a head start and maybe even finish before the asynchronous day.

However, this “free time” that was given is sabotaged by some individuals. Instead of completing work, they’d use the day to relax and not encounter any school work. Procrastination played a big role in this. During the asynchronous day, teachers were required to post work for the students to complete. However, not being motivated since there wasn’t a school-like environment, students did not finish or even look at their homework. 

Regardless of whether students utilized the asynchronous day fully or they took advantage of it, most students would agree that having a day where you didn’t have to wake up and go to school was excellent. Students were able to look forward to a little “break” in the middle of the week where they could sleep in, start school when they wanted, and work at their own pace.

Elena Akerberg, a junior at PR, directly stated, “It gave me time to get ahead in my classes which I really liked. It also was a break from Zoom since most of us were on our computers for the full school day and for homework. 

Students benefited from Wednesday mentally because they were able to view the week as two work days, a break, and then two more work days. A week of school didn’t seem as daunting anymore and students could finally breathe without having to worry about having to catch up on school or sleep! 

Regardless of the different opinions, most students would agree that last year’s asynchronous experiment would be worth trying again.