Class of 2019: What was your favorite extracurricular and why?

Video credit: Donna Relic

In the video above, the combined choirs of PR perform in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine on March 25th, 2019.

This April, the Wolf Prints news team asked graduating seniors about their favorite extracurricular activities. See what they enjoyed most during their time at PR:

Girls Soccer! Because I have made so many memories & amazing lifelong friends! – Abby Klimkowski

Marching band because it gave me a place to have fun and express myself, and I met some of my best friends through being in Marching Band – Abby Schirmer

Speech Team: Most growth seen in speaking and able to overcome fears. – Adnan Noorullah

The musical because it brings together so many people to create a big family and the community within the production is something you can’t find anywhere else. – Adrian Kochmanski

Horseback riding: it is my favorite thing in the world to do  – Alexandra Dalzell

Marching Band because it was fun getting to know new people. – Allison Ehrenberger

I really enjoy being on the Student Council board. I like to organize events and feel like I have a say in what goes on here at PR, plus the sponsors are awesome! I highly recommend joining! – Allison Mattran

Madrigals and Musical, I get to do what I love every day with my closest friends.  – Ally Akerberg

The musical and the fall/spring plays have been my favorite parts of every year. They pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me grow not only as an actress, but as a public speaker overall. – Amber Johnson

Volleyball because when we went to State I had the best time with my friends – Anja Trost

Freshmen Football – Anthony Nardi

Engineering Club – Ashley Roberts

Pit Orchestra, Color Guard, and Pep Band – Bailey Schneyr

Favorite (it might be an) extracurricular is Choir, mostly because I started to develop more friends as the years went by, from the choir program.  – Bella Levitan

Tennis because I’ve been doing it for 4 years – Brennen Briske

Volleyball – Brooke Faron

Swimming, Ice Skating – Caitlin Pieroni

Wrestling [is a] fun way to get exercise.  – Calvin Pesina

Football manager  – Camille Drain

Fine arts: so many great memories made – Carolyn Sveden

Definitely the Madrigal Dinners: being a court singer was so much fun and I made a lot of new friends  – Cassie Beadell

My favorite extracurricular activity would have to be basketball from freshman year. I had the best coaches in the world paired with the best teammates anyone could ask for. Every day throughout the season we went from a team to a family. I’m so beyond grateful for everyone I have met that first day of practice, because we will all have a forever bond.  – Cassie Cassano

Cross Country – this sport taught me life lessons as well as ignited my passion for running which I will be continuing in college! – Chloe Gale

Being on the tennis team was the best choice I made because I have only positive memories on those courts. My teammates and coaches never failed to put a smile on my face. We were each other’s number one fans and had some of the best nicknames for each other.  – Colette Reiche

The Musical because it allows me to be do what I love while being with all of my friends. It also allows me to grow closer with other students that I wouldn’t usually see during the regular school day. The one thing that makes the musical the best is when you hear the loud applause at the end of each performance and it makes all of your hard work worth it. – Colleen Schneider

Baseball – Connor Kahoun

My favorite extracurricular would be tennis because of Lisa Jones and Coach Davis being two of my favorite people. – Cora Knochel

Gym Volleyball  – Delaney Minutillo

Wrestling because it’s the best sport don’t @ me – Drake Regenhardt

Basketball – I had amazing memories on the court the past four years that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.  – Drew Gende

Lacrosse – Dylan Steinkamp

Swimming and Musical – Elena Faia

The spring musical is my absolute favorite extracurricular every year because it’s the single largest student involvement activity every year. The energy is so overwhelmingly positive I always look forward to it! – Emily Kouzios

Varsity softball. The girls on the team have become my closest friends. – Emmie Farnam

Professional Underwater Basket Weaving Inc. – Erik Podlasek

Spring play because Kennett gives us liberty to explore the show in a ton of different ways and we always get to try to new and difficult things in the show to make it better and more interesting.  – Ethan Munk

Basketball because I played for the teams. – Evan Bennett

Track because it helped expand my horizons – Grant Jensen

Pit Orchestra: A dark concrete box starts to feel like home when you’re in it for 6 hours at a time for a month. – Halie Collins

I have really enjoyed choir and all the theater performances. Choir was the highlight of high school, and it think that everyone should do something on the big stage because it makes you more confident. – Hannah Szubski

Tennis. I really grew a strong bond with my tennis team every years. We were very supportive of each other and I always had fun playing.  – Hunter Fredrick

Computer Club – Isaac Wolfinsohn

Cross country because everyone on the team is so nice, including, and funny.  – Isabella Dimitriou

Wrestling because I wrestled for 4 years and loved it – Jace Sparks

Tennis because it’s a chill sport that is fun to play! The guys you play with are also pretty dope! – Jared Arkell

My short time in the musical was the most memorable time and quickly became my favorite because of the people that I met and the experiences we shared. – Jared Greiner

Lacrosse. It’s the best – Jarred Tabor

Art Club is my favorite extracurricular activities because I love devoting time to doing one of my passions! – Jen Briske

Baseball and Intramural basketball because it’s fun – Jered Marrs

Basketball and art club. In basketball we all became a small family and support one another, as for art club, well we can express ourselves freely and I always feel welcomed there! – Jessica Angeles

Swimming–The swim team is not only a team, but a family. I met some of my best friends from the team, and I will never forget all of the fun times in and out of the pool! – Jillian Shorten

Volleyball because we are one big family – Jordan Driver

Football games because they were really fun to go to  – Kaleigh Doroba

Basketball  – Karly Statter

Piano – Logan Dooley

Track & Field is my favorite extracurricular because the team is so supportive this year and the coaching staff is wonderful. It’s my favorite sport to participate in especially because I’ve been on the team all four years of high school. – Maddi Carey

Gymnastics: All of my favorite high school memories are from this sport and I’ve had so much fun competing with all of my friends.  – Maddy Kim

Dancing on the Dance team because I love my teammates and they made my senior year.  – Madie Bentsen

Math team! Boddy and coach K are g’s and the fruit snacks fuel my existence – Maggie Popovich

Softball and being a football manager. It’s so fun to be around my friends while I’m doing something I love. – Maggie Schremp

Soccer – I was able to bond with my teammates and make new friendships.  – Matt Burseth

Wrestling  – Matt Sinchak

Soccer – Max Kauffman

Spanish NHS because it’s really helpful to my community and it’s not a huge time commitment.  – Mel Hahn

Cheerleading because I got to cheer on our football team and I met so many great friends! – Mia Jackowski

Golf because I met a ton of my friends through this sport and have learned many life lessons. – Morgan Taylor

Volleyball, because I met so many funny people. – Mya Parochelli

My favorite extracurricular has to be soccer because I got to play with a lot of my friends throughout all four years at a competitive level, and I made some great connections with other people as well. – Nick Gutowsky

Girls’ soccer because I really enjoy playing it. – Nikki Anderson

Soccer because it’s my passion and that’s what I’m doing in college. – Noah Smeja

Volleyball – Olivia Annen

Chess club – Owen Hirschey

Choir Concerts because they were always so much fun and everyone involved was always so excited to to be there. – Peter Blanchard

Madrigals because it has formed a very tight-knit community of people for me that I will be friends with for the rest of my life. – Ross Relic

Math Team because Coach K has so much sass and Coach Body an actual ICON!!! – Sera Trigo

Musical/Plays – these allowed me to be creative during props and introduced me to some pretty amazing people. – Sierra Winoker

Golf and the musical – Sophia Pascente

Football: great program and team – Steel Blew

Speech team –  the community I made through speech was truly amazing not only within my team but the friendships I created with competitors from other schools was so unique. Also it is where I saw the most personal and team growth throughout my four years which is so cool to experience.  – Sylvia Hensley

Basketball because I played all 4 years and enjoyed it – Tim Cook

Engineering club because I’m the Co-President.  – Trevor Feucht

Choir because everyone has a great time together and Poms because I love the people who were on my team  – Victoria Trax

Lacrosse, I’ve been really dedicated to it, and it was a great group to be with – Zach Alexander

Football – Zach Gregorio