Xander Rice

a class of 2020 senior to know


photo provided

Xander Rice, a student leader for Robotics Team, was nominated by faculty as a senior to know from the PRHS class of 2020.

[During the last few weeks] I’ve enjoyed the freedom to decide my own schedule. I enjoyed the extra time to devote to my hobbies, and I’m enjoying the community we have despite the unfortunate times. As for recommendations, I would say this: treat this like a trial run for college. Find out how you can motivate yourself to get things done without the structure we normally have to enforce it.

I will definitely miss the community the most. I’ve met some of the most nerdy awesome people in my time at PR, including my teachers, and it has made my experience at PR one to remember.

My time as the student leader of the Robotics Team was definitely some of the best I had at PR. I got to contribute to the start of something that will bring together an awesome community for years to come, and I couldn’t have hoped for more.

People will have varying opinions of me, but I hope to be remembered as someone who encourages people to be their best, to work hard and to embrace challenge. I hope to be remembered for my enthusiasm towards difficult problems, and for taking everything seriously, admittedly sometimes to a fault.

I don’t know exactly where my life is going, but I know it will be DIFFERENT. I’m looking forward to learning more about the world, moving on to more difficult problems and more advanced solutions. And, in the process, I hope to meet some awesome people.