Has this ever happened to you? 

Seniors share their most embarrassing moments


Losing tug of war at the Homecoming pep assembly was Alexis Kantner’s most embarrassing moment. The winning faculty team included Mr. Peckhart, Mrs. Bluemlein, Mrs. Buck, Mr. Pecoraro, and Mr. Petersen.

Freshman year I was tumbling in the track and I fell in front of the whole cross country team! – Aaliyah Pooran

Going to the wrong class – Alek Lossev

Falling off a chair freshman year in Spanish class and almost breaking my finger – Alexis Baron

Losing tug-o-war to the teachers at this year’s Homecoming pep assembly  – Alexis Kantner

When Mrs. Stantesly told me she got a video from the field trip we had just gone on and said they caught me stealing from Starbucks. I didn’t steal, so I was so confused and it was awkward. The whole class was looking at me and then she finally goes “I’m just kidding.” – Alyssa Meade 

Slipping and falling in a puddle of water on the 2nd day of my freshman year in the foyer  – Alyssa Rzany

Surprisingly, it’s not me walking in the wrong class lol. There was one time freshman year that I forgot to plug in my headphones in study hall and the music started blaring and everyone looked at me weird. It wasn’t a bad song, luckily, but still super embarrassing. – Amanda Heimos

Feeling like I was going to pass out during a speech  – Amy Glenn

Probably wearing shorts that would dresscode any of the girls for the football games this year. – Andrew Khoury

Saying the wrong answer in any of my classes – Anthony Pizzo

Having the stomach flu freshman year, during finals, and everyone thinking I was crying/throwing up because I was too stressed. – Ashley Kmiec

Rippin’ a stinky, loud fart in health class that put the learning on pause for a minute. – Brett Nygren

AP Seminar Oral Defense – Brian Batliner

Going up to the wrong teacher, thinking they were someone else…. – Britney Martinez

Falling on stage during our production of Crazy For You – Caitlyn Shore

I was walking down to the library with my AirPods in. I tried to turn down the volume on my phone but instead, I was pressing the power button. I kept pressing it and out of nowhere the emergency SOS alert went off and was really loud and scared everyone in the library. It also called 911 and I had to call them back and explain it was an accident. I was truly embarrassed.  – Cameron Gablenz

Getting lost – Cameron Suerth

Playing gym volleyball my sophomore year with a team of all seniors, I just completely lost my balance and fell backward when the ball came to me. – Carson Veath

Showing the world that the word “kinky” was in my vocabulary when performing my HDA during the speech showcase. – Collin Preves 

Dancing in front of the entire school in short shorts for Guy Poms (Still had a great time–don’t regret it one bit). – Connor Hamilton

Showing up to the wrong weights period – Connor Lydon

I was super tired one morning and accidentally brushed my teeth with face wash instead of toothpaste. I was so tired that I didn’t realize what I did until like a minute into brushing my teeth. I had to go through the whole school day with soapy breath – Daisy Kucharski

When the seniors lost to the teachers in tug of war at the pep rally. – Elise Gregory

Getting run over by Andrew Khoury in Spanish class … twice.  – Eliza Dzurisin

Tripping over a prop during our marching show for the Homecoming game. – Emily Golbeck

Choking on a Jolly Rancher in the middle of a physics test. – Georgie Durrant

I was presenting notes in front of a class and my math was blatantly wrong. No one stopped me, and I didn’t even notice until after the class that everything I said was wrong.  – Grant Klepitsch

Accidentally spitting water all over Bailey Lazar and his homework because someone made me laugh. – Greta Heinz

Freshman year I forgot to lock my PE locker and had my pants stolen … had to wear my senior leader’s spare leggings for the rest of the day. – Haidy Perez

One time during set crew a friend and I were messing around with a tape measure and pulled it all the way out and broke it, so it wouldn’t go back in… – Heidi Goodale

When I landed on my face and broke my thumb during cheer practice.  – Hope Emricson

When I slammed my leg in the car door in the parking lot and everyone laughed. – Jacob Munter

Having easily done the worst park job in the entire parking lot.  – Jake Koffer

I dressed up like a Christmas tree on Halloween sophomore year. – Joie Gindorf

Singing the saxophone solo to Careless Whisper backstage while my mic was on in play rehearsal. – Joshua Scherrer

When Jensen yelled at our class to tell us to hit the right pitch and when we finally got it, I sang to the pitch of the bell. – Karen Ferral 

I was using the bathroom during a passing period and the door had unlocked. I didn’t even realize it and no one had the heart to tell me. – Kendal Skiermanski 

When I ran out of the classroom sobbing because my ex boyfriend cheated on me lol  – Kenzi Iddings 

Blasting Pokémon music into the lobby through the overhead speakers while testing an auxiliary send and deafening the students there. – Kevin Akerberg

Accidentally swearing in Spanish in front of my Spanish teacher. – Leah Hanacek

Crashing the gator into the gate before a home game… – Lily Alcazar

Cheating on a test and still getting a D.  – Macy Biggam

When me and my friend were late to find our class at the beginning of a new semester even though we were seniors. – Maddie Schwantz

Falling out of my chair during lecture – Madison Brockman

Having to run out in the pouring rain to put the top on my jeep and spending the rest of the school day absolutely drenched! – Maiyah Devenport

Walking into the wrong class – Mark Rohloff

Spilling water all over my pants on one of the first days of freshman year.  – Matthew Loucks

My AP Lang project at the end of junior year when I made a parody video about elite athletes. I guess I didn’t know how to adjust the audio properly so my voice was really quiet. The speaker was all the way up. At random points throughout the video, there were clips of my friends working out and Jock Jams blasted through the classroom and blew out the speakers.  – Mia Storz

Spraining my ankle on the last two steps of stairs  – Molly Sullivan 

Instead of giving my ID number to the test makeup person, I gave my phone number. – Neha Konjeti

Being smaller than all the lower class kids and them thinking I was one of them to be shocked I was way older 😂 – Nicole Hernandez 

In Stastny’s class senior year, he had these little comfy cushions for your chair. One day I saw this blow up rubber one on the ground in the middle of the class and to me it looked like a mini trampoline and so walking into class I went to jump on it only to have it slide out from underneath me and I fell back on to my backpack in front of the whole class.  – Peyton Richardson

My most embarrassing moment of high school had to be falling at the dunk tank during sophomore year. It was Meet the Deans Day, and it was also muddy and rainy outside. I ran up to the dunk tank, wearing my backpack, slid into the board and fell on the ground. By the way, Meet the Deans takes place at 9:30AM, so I had to call my mom to bring me new pants to wear for the rest of the day. – Reanne Weil

My first day of freshman year 9th period I fell out of my chair onto the floor in front of everyone  – Rebekah Piotrowski 

When I was on crutches this year, I was trying to sit down in my desk. One of my crutches pushed my desk out of the way as I was sitting down, causing me to fall onto the ground. Since I was injured and had a huge brace on my leg, it took a lot of effort and time to get back up. I was embarrassed at the time, but now I think it’s hilarious and I wish I could’ve seen it happen from someone else’s point of view. – Ryan Fist

Going 0/5 on prom dates this year before finally finding someone (even though we did not have a prom). – Ryan Goudschaal

Getting caught laying down in the field out by the track during gym – Ryan Kuhn

Freshman year gym class dodgeball. Well, some seniors and my friends were trying to get each other out [when] one of the seniors threw the ball too hard and hit me in the face causing me to get a bloody nose and black eye. We still talk about it. – Samantha Loudon

Getting caught doing the moonwalk in the hallway by Mr. Luloff (aka Test Makeup Guy). He proceeded to moonwalk by me to imitate me. A couple weeks later, I was working the cash register at World Market, and he moonwalked into my lane. Thank you, Mr. Luloff, for not letting me forget. – Sarah Pollastrini

When I was called to the office on senior meme day and had to remove my make-up. – Sid Lara

Definitely when Mrs. Fuerholzer caught me and Luke Janik skipping class and caught it on film and showed our whole class. Super funny though. – Sierra Siebert

When I went to the wrong class and sat in someone’s seat with everyone looking at me – Spencer Hall

Doing my Spanish presentation and my whole body was shaking and I was shuttering – Tia Adams

When I wore sunglasses inside for two weeks straight freshman year for no real reason – Tighe Vrbancic

Every time I’ve made a fool of myself at the wrong moments. – Torie Mertens

Every once in a while when I make a joke that just is not it. – Tristan Viegas

Crying in front of my class because I was scared to give a speech. – Victoria Fisher

Accidentally matching with Sarah Pollastrini on one random day. We had the exact same outfit down to the same color backpack. – Victoria Wojcik

When I walked into the guys’ bathroom, shrieked, and left immediately.  – Zoe Riordan