A Day in the Lives of Twins and Triplets

Identical twins Jazzmyn and Deborah Prado pose together in matching shirts.

(provided by Deborah Prado)

Identical twins Jazzmyn and Deborah Prado pose together in matching shirts.

When you first meet twins or triplets, questions that come to mind could include …  “Are they identical?” “Do they fight a lot?” 

In this article, some Prairie Ridge twins and triplets answer all your questions with their responses to our survey.

One of the most asked questions that twins and triplets get is this: “What is it like?” 

Jacob Munter, a twin and senior at PR, says, “You have a life long best friend always by your side. They share every experience with you and you always have each other’s backs.” 

Ryan, Megan, and Karstan Koelblinger are triplets in the PR freshman class. Karstan Koelblinger describes their experience as a trio.  ”We do everything together, and we never have to leave each other. We definitely fight all the time, but two seconds, later we make up. Being a triplet is like having a sleepover every night with your best friends.” 

With all that is good and kind, there is always a troublesome side, and that brings us to the “dark” side of being a twin. 

In the survey that was taken and made by twins, some of the higher results about annoying things about being a twin are sharing clothes, when your friends can’t tell you apart, and, of course, the biggest one: getting mad at each other. 

A common problem is getting mad at your siblings, but Jazzmyn Prado said that “even though we fight, we always seem to make-up because we understand each other and we are best friends forever.” 

(provided by Deborah Prado)
Twins Jazzmyn and Deborah Prado have always been best friends.

A most silly, but common question asked among all twins and triplets is, “Can you read each other’s minds?” Scientifically, there is no proof of this. 

However, in the Psychology Today article Do Twins Read Each Other’s Minds?, the author states that “twin telepathy,” has nothing to do with psychological powers, but more so with their identical genes, which leads them to “like the same people, places, and events.” So in a sense, twins do tend to think alike about certain things, but unfortunately, that does not prove true telepathy. 

All in all, twins and triplets are each other’s best friends and cannot get enough of each other! We may have our not-so-hot moments, but in the end, we have each other’s backs and are always there to help each other get back up again.

Watch out world, double–or may even triple–trouble, is coming your way!