September-October 2004

PR Grad Brings Iraq Close to Home by Arvind Maheshwari
Adventures in Liberalism by Ryan Biner
My Opinion on Learning Disabilities by Marilyn Abed
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…Who’s the Cleverest of Them All by Najeeba Syed and Priyanka Vedak
The Ongoing War in Iraq by Mike Goode
The Secret Musings of Audrey…It’s Time to Hang Loose by Audrey Schlofner
Ipod: The One and Only by Robin Alexander
These Colors Run with Blood: Why Columbus Does Not Deserve A National Holiday by Justin Taylor
New Faces Everywhere
College Corner by Desiree Koepke
A Slice Into A New Teenage Drama by Alyssa Gummerson
The Generation Gap: Is It Getting Smaller by Sheila Evans
Junior Spotlight Eden Ruch by Roberta Jorge
Sophomore Spotlight Erin Edwards by Kim Schalz
Junior Spotlight: Introducing Nate Bubb by Jakki Paolelli
Freshman Spotlight: It’s David Carbajal by Jessica Butler and Amy O’Keefe
Photopinion by Abbie Steiner
Steve Johnson Mr. President by Dan Malato
Logan Weck Airborn by Mike Goode
Traffic Noise
Homecoming Spirit Days the 80’s
Police Beat by Arvind Maheshwari and Justin Taylor
Creepy Legends Close to Home by Abbie Steiner
Parking Please by Kallen
Ken Comments & Vic Advice
Elise Listens Auto“blah”ography/ A Night to Remember by Elise Edmonson
Action Action by Tim Crisp
It’s A Smorgasbord Out There by Emily Huetson
Halloween Haunts by Rachel Lekawa
Fall Fine Arts Update by Najeeba Syed and Amy Brachmann
Poetry Corner by Kerry Molway
Movie Reviews by Elise Edmonson
Quotes by Marilyn Abed
The Time Traveler’s Wife Book Review by Priyanka Vedak, Amy Brachmann, and Katie LaRosa
Reality TV: America’s New Addiction by Jakki Paolelli
Hope is on the Way Moving America Forward by Travis Dunn
Athletic Spotlight: Dan Nissen Tight End #91 by Jake Lechner
Peanuts and Crackerjack: Baseball Concession Stand Looks Great by Dan Malato
Git-’R’-Done: A Review of PR’s 2004 Varsity Football Team by Melissa Werderitch
Wolvers Soccer Kicks it Up a Notch by Sean Burke
Girls Cross Country: XC Girls Add Depth, Look For First State Appearance by Nick Arens
Boys Cross Country Climbs to Top by Stefan Jellicoe
Living Strong and Loving It by Elise Edmonson
Girl’s Tennis Wins Conference by Katie Manno