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October 2018 Toilet Times

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This edition includes the following brief interview with the fall play student director KC Osude.

What is the play about?

“Yea so the play is literally in the title! It’s the history of America Abridged! The history of America in the funniest way with innuendos, wit, and borderline ‘age-appropriate’ jokes!”

What is the best part of the play?

“The best part? I would say the audience interaction! Normally, it’s taboo for the show to go beyond the stage, but in this play, it only makes it that much funnier!”

Why should people come?

“I think people should see this play because it makes you step back and realize the history you are a part of. Through hard times, through good times, but hopefully through funny times too if you come see the play!”

Fall Play Dates: October 4, 5, 6 @7:00 pm

$8 Adults/ $5 Students | 1 Free Ticket with Activity Pass

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October 2018 Toilet Times