Eddie Winkelmann

a class of 2021 senior to know


photo provided

Eddie Winkelmann was named by faculty as a class of 2021 senior to know.

Never again will I play such an intense game of volleyball. I will miss my friends, PE volleyball, and some of the teachers.  Along with that I most likely won’t speak to many people that I would talk to daily at Prairie Ridge.

I’m most proud of my golf achievements. I never would have thought I would be playing varsity as a freshman or going to State as a junior.

I hope to be remembered as someone who was always positive and funny but most importantly an overall good person.

I’m hoping next year I play well enough to get recruited to a bigger school to continue my golf career. Along with my golf career, I want to find something I’m truly passionate about and would enjoy doing for my future job.

I learned a lot [this year] about how if I want something done I have to get it done myself. I failed to do this many times. But now that I learned this I can use it in my future.