Behind the Camouflage

Behind the Camouflage

October 6, 2015

Failing Kids

Samantha Rzany, contributor

January 28, 2015

Parents need to let their kids fail, and as students, we need to accept failure. I am sure we can all remember back to when we were little and would get mad at our parents, run up the stairs, and slam the door. For most of...

The Failure of Zoos for Intelligent Species

Andie Shine, Staff Writer

April 1, 2014

Zoos provide a glimpse of the wild unbeknownst to Suburbia’s youth, their existence necessary for children to learn to develop globally. While zoos do provide a glimpse into Earth’s various climates and species for children...

A Need for Self Esteem

Abby Mahnke, Contributor

December 6, 2013

Teen girls all over the world struggle with confidence. It is not uncommon. Suicide rates are going up, anorexia and bulimia are becoming more and more common, and depression continues to spread from teen to teen. Websites...

Taxpayers are Angry

Joan Alcazar, Staff Writer

November 20, 2013

Because the teachers have not been working on an agreed contract since July 1st, the teachers are within their rights to protest since nothing legally restrains them from doing so. However, many recommend that action should not be ta...

Make a Stand for Teachers

Joe Van Doorn, Contributor

November 20, 2013

The teachers at District 155 have been working without a contract since July 1st of 2013. After eight months of discussion, still the Board of Education and Association have not come to an agreement on a new, reasonable contra...

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