Machen Sie sich Recht, PRHS … the Germans are Coming!


It’s time to break out the currywurst and sauerkraut, as next week on April 17th, German exchange students will make the trip to America and will remain with us at PRHS for two weeks!

Starting on the 17th, 13 students from Karlsruhe, Baden-Wurttemberg in Germany will be attending Prairie Ride alongside us while also experiencing life in America through the German-American Partnership Program (GAPP). The students will arrive from Germany and attend school with their partners. Then, in June, their partner students here at PR will travel to Germany to do the same with them. By living in a partner household, both groups of students will be able to experience cultural differences in ways that something like a hotel wouldn’t be able to offer.

The German students will be here for two weeks. Upon arriving here at PR, they will be able to choose their own classes and electives. There will be a celebration for their arrival, and instead of having a farewell party, the Germans will be spending their last night in the country at prom. Aside from these, these students will also get to experience a Cubs/Dodgers baseball game, trips to Chicago, and any other activities that their partners may have planned. 

Starting Tuesday the 18th, you can be on the lookout for Lisa, Chiara, Louie, Mara, Lucia, Jasmin, Paul, Charlotte, Ante, Maja, Viktoria & Derya-Marie around the school! Don’t be afraid to go up and talk to any of them if you see them; they’ve each been studying English for several years, and many of them are fairly proficient in the language.Though, you can also feel free to try out some of your German with them. If you don’t speak German, here are a couple introductory phrases you could use: ‘Guten morgen/tag/abend!’ –Good morning/day/evening!, ‘Wie heisst du?’- What’s your name?, ‘Wie geht’s?’- What’s up?, ‘Hallo/auf wiedersehen’-Hello/Goodbye. Also, keep in mind that, much like us, this is a unique mix of students, each with their own unique interests. From a talented field hockey player & coach to a musician who is proficient in multiple instruments and produces their own music, there is no shortage of identity and character within this group of students.

Please remember that it is our responsibility as students to make and maintain a safe, friendly environment for these students during their time here. So, be sure to look out for these students during their time here since it isn’t often that you get to talk to and experience the perspectives of someone from halfway across the world.