See Glass Onion: a Knives Out mystery During Limited Release in Theaters


Need a movie to watch over your Thanksgiving break? Get the whole family to dive into a murder case with the new “Glass Onion: a Knives Out Mystery.” This film comes to theaters tomorrow, Wednesday, November 23, for a limited-time release, before it will be released to Netflix on December 23. The character, Detective Beniot Blanc, makes a dramatic return as someone has turned up dead during what seemed to be an innocent friend’s getaway to a billionaire’s private Greek island. Everyone is now, once again, a suspect.

There’s a high chance that one of these cast members is somebody in your family’s favorite actor so flock to the silver screen or even closer, your couch! Your younger sibling will probably love to watch Madelyn Cline from the popular Netflix series “Outer Banks” hold a pitchfork. Your mother would love to see Daniel Craig crack a murder mystery case. All you Hamilton fans can see Leslie Odom Jr. become a suspect of murder. For “Parks and Recreation” comedy lovers, Kathryn Hahn returns as a politician, Kate Hudson appears for the 2000s romance movie lovers, and Dave Bautista will appeal to all you Marvel fans. Besides these fan favorites, many more talented actors will take you further into the depth of this strange murder case.

You may be thinking that you still need to see the first “Knives Out” film in order to see this one…. Not true! Director Rian Johnson has left the characters and plots of the first film entirely separate from this one. The first film was a wild success having been nominated for an Oscar, winning many film festivals and some argue having a more iconic cast than this one. This highly anticipated film has high standards to live up to, as every single shot will be compared to the first one. After the early releases and private viewings, the ratings have been relatively high but, so far, there is very little viewer feedback. Hopefully this modern day who-done-it, doesn’t disappoint. Let us know what you think in the comments below.