Fall Play Sure to Be a Disaster (On Purpose)


Have you ever wanted to see an impromptu sword fight without swords? Well on October 13th, 14th, and 15th at 7pm in the Prairie Ridge theater, you can see that play out for $8!

This year’s fall play is The Play That Goes Wrong—a play within a play. The play within The Play That Goes Wrong is called Murder At Haversham Manor where a soon to be wed man, Charles Haversham, dies mysteriously at his engagement party and it is up to Inspector Carter to determine the guilty party. Was it his fiancee Florence? Or perhaps his brother Cecil! The actual play shows every possible thing that could go wrong, goes wrong. 

Senior Molly Willis describes the complexity of this particular show. “This play is chaotic, gut-busting and farcical. The ultimate irony is that this is the play that goes wrong, but in order for everything to go wrong in the right way everything must go perfectly.”

This show includes many of your classmates:
Chris/The Inspector: Elena Akerberg
Rachel/Mary Colleymore: Molly Willis
Max/Cecil Haversham: Ethan Braun
Sandra/Florence Colleymore: Mya Berg
Denise/Perkins: Claire Jansen
Jonathon/Charles Haversham: Josiah Jensen
Annie: Elise Scherrer
Taylor: Riley Fireng
Ensemble: Chloe Graham, Beata Helland, Savannah Horton, Ava Ledermann, Emma Ostap, Spencer Raver, Ognee Roy, James Wright

Mr. Dusenske, the director, chose this show because it is sure to leave the audience cracking up. 

Senior actor Ognee Roy described why audiences will like the play. “This show is so funny because it just falls apart in front of you. It’s not your typical comedy.”

The characters navigate through every worst possible scenario all while trying to figure out who murdered poor Charles Havesham. This show is riddled with prop humor, a catastrophic set, and a techie who wants nothing more than to find her missing Kate Bush CD. 

Junior Ava Ledermann talks about her favorite joke made in the play. “I love when Florence, the deceased’s fiancee, is one line ahead of Inspector Carter, the director. Watching the two characters trying to get back on track is so chaotic and really exposes every actor’s worst nightmare.”

Plan to come October 13th, 14th, and 15th at 7pm at the Prairie Ridge Theater. Tickets are sold at the door or are free with an activity pass. Follow @prfinearts for updates and join the theater Canvas page for upcoming details on how to get involved in future productions!