Shannon Devitt

a class of 2022 senior to know

Getting through online school was pretty rough. I lost pretty much all my motivation for school because I could stay at home all day. But after coming back to school, I realized how much different my life is. I’m proud of myself for being able to rebuild motivation for school.

I will miss the uplifting atmosphere the class of 2022 has. Considering everything started going back to normal this year, the energy has really been great–especially the super fan section.

Last year I learned a lot about how change can be so sudden. My family and I really got thrown a curve ball when my brother, Connor, was diagnosed with leukemia. I learned how to appreciate the time with my family more than I did before. Life really changed for my family since then so my priority list changed with Connor at the top instead of school and work. This all taught me how to balance my family life, school life, and work life.