Seniors Say These Are The Best Things About PR


Prairie Ridge Boosters tweeted this photo of the superfan section at a boys’ basketball game on February 25, 2022 with the caption “Best Superfans Ever!!” (@Prhsboosters)

The teachers – they are always willing to help  – Abigail Ablin

The teachers – Natalie Alexander 

The teachers  – Alexis Bauman

The opportunities students are given. – Luke Bounds

How welcoming everyone is [in the fine arts program]. – Victoria Daszynski

The best thing about Prairie Ridge are the assemblies. Before COVID, going to the assemblies was always something that people would look forward to as it always meant that something fun was going on at the school or that something great was accomplished. It was an opportunity to celebrate as a whole and I hope that we can get back to this tradition as soon as possible. – Sayak Dubey

Prairie Ridge math teacher Mr. Simak will leave PR for Iowa at the end of this school year. Many students and teachers will miss the school spirit he brought to teaching and assemblies.

The best thing about PR would have to be school spirit, especially during football season or the week leading up to an event. Every student always has amazing energy and a positive vibe to them and it just makes the school day so much fun! – Madeline Durrant

The availability of both courses and athletics to all students. – Donald Faccone

In PR Fine Arts, the directors, the community, the friends you meet along the way, pretty much the whole program is the best part. It makes you feel like you are doing something bigger than yourself. – Forrester Faia

The teachers – Matt Fryer

Our commitment to football szn – Kelly Gende

The community – Katie Gorton

The chill atmosphere [in PR fine arts]. It’s just a bunch of kids who want to sing or make some good music and enjoy each other’s company. It’s honestly a great way to decompress during the day. –Will Green

The staff basketball team lost in overtime to the student team.

The environment. Everybody gets along and can have fun. The dress up days, the music in the halls, and all the teachers having fun with it too makes school more enjoyable.  – Ava Gutowsky

Mr. Janshego, Prairie Ridge special education teacher, shares a smile with daughter.

The staff. They are very caring and know when something is going on in our lives whether it’s emotionally or mentally. – Maria Knox

The culture. I love how inclusive everyone is with each other no matter if you do sports or fine arts!  – Bradley Kuhn

The clubs, they are very diverse and you can find a lot of people there – Jenny Lea

The best thing about PR is the people. There are some outliers but in general everyone wants the best for everyone.  – Ryan Mangin

I think our theater program at PR is amazing. We have so many talented people involved and being a part of the theater community leads to great connections and friendships. – Sarah Mercieri

Between free periods, flex days, open campus, and the ability to leave during the day, high school is a good introduction to college and teaches us how to be independent – Sarah Michalak

Very fun community to be around and very supportive – Dasha Noble

Athletics. Though our students here have different personal interests when we come together regarding athletics it’s a different type of energy and it’s really charismatic to witness and be a part of  – Maya Ortiz

To me the best thing was that there always seemed to be someone there for me. Whether it was going down to Student Services for college help or hanging out in the art room after school I never felt like there wasn’t a person I could turn to. – Limb’rin Ostergaard

Sra Taege

Teachers help you when they see you need it. – Pedro Pedroza

The faculty and staff. There are so many amazing people at PR who truly care about students and are always willing to help/brighten their day.  – Grant Preves

The best thing about PR was the fact that I made my high school cheer games and went to all the football games. When we won a game, we would sing the PR Fight Song on the bus, but only when we got to the front entrance of the building. – Taylor Runge

The hype environment – Caidyn Sylvester

Probably the atmosphere that is created during football games and other fun events – Jennah Van Wazer

The absolute hype for football games – Emily Wyatt