Kaylie Quindel

a class of 2022 senior to know

There was a lot that happened through the last 4 years [with some things] I would love to relive and some that I wouldn’t want to ever relive again… *cough cough* covid. But in real honesty I am proud that I learned how to advocate for myself and that I can use that skill through college and my real work life.

I will miss friends. Thankfully there is now social media where we can all stay in touch or at least try to. But it’s not the same as going to hoco together, prom, the football games and more.

I hope to be remembered as the student who has a dream of becoming a lawyer and actually achieving it. Not only the quiet girl that sits in class, but the girl that asks questions when needed and turns ALL work in on time.

Over the last year I learned that life is short, so you gotta live it to your fullest. Don’t waste it dreading on an ex boyfriend or girlfriend. Or a bad friendship. Think about the future and go and achieve what YOU want your future to entail. Not everything is given to you, you gotta chase it and WORK for it. Don’t let bad experiences ruin what might be right around the corner.