Elizabeth Tucker

a senior to know

This last year taught me that it is what it is. Not everything always goes according to plan and life can get stressful, especially as a student athlete. So in order to stay connected and grounded, you must first expect that you can’t control everything, just your reaction to it. That is something I live by.

I will miss my friends that I have made of all grade levels. The best thing about high school is making those personal connections with students that aren’t just in the grade you are in because it can help you mature by having advice from upper class students.

I am proud of how I have grown as an individual person. I will always thank the teachers that I have had who pushed me to think outside the box as well as getting me ready for the next step.

I hope to be remembered as a person who anyone could talk to, someone who was just a nice and fun person to be around. My goal has been to always help lift others up and push them because we all have ups and downs in life. Having a little positive encouragement can help all around.

The future is out there, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.