Seniors Predict Where They Will Be in Fifteen Years


Seniors on the 2022 Prom Court pose for pictures before school Monday, April 25, 2022.

A successful business owner and have a family with kids  – Abigail Ablin

A Sargent and traveling  the world  – Alexis Bauman

An engineer for GM, designing cars/drivetrains- Luke Bounds

In fifteen years, I hope to be the owner of a very large real estate business which I built using the capital from my engineering job. I also hope to have a golden retriever and a closet filled with really cool clothes. – Sayak Dubey

In fifteen years I really hope to have traveled most of the world and everywhere that is on my bucket list and just settling down with my husband and having a dog and 2 or 3 kids!  – Madeline Durrant

Happy, and continuing to explore new ideas. – Donald Faccone

Having a stable job – Matt Fryer

In fifteen years I hope to be living with my family somewhere out of Illinois and work as an orthopedic surgeon – Kelly Gende

A Child Life Specialist  – Katie Gorton

Successful living with my husband and kids. I hope to be content with life.  – Ava Gutowsky

I hope to be a Disney Pixar animator in fifteen years because ever since I was little I’ve always wanted to work for Disney in any way. – Maria Knox

A captain for United Airlines in the 737 just like my dad!  – Bradley Kuhn

Have a stable job animating movies and TV shows that will give joy to an older audience and make my own series to tell the many stories I come up with in my head – Jenny Lea

Happy.  – Ryan Mangin

Working in aviation management at a large hub like O’Hare or for a specific company like United after having been a pilot for a few years. – Sarah Michalak

Happy and healthy 🙂 I hope to be in a successful career, maybe even have a family by then. – Maya Ortiz

Well established in the film industry with the ability to be working on creative projects of my own – Limb’rin Ostergaard

I hope to be the best mechanic and have my dream car. – Pedro Pedroza

Working for a hedge fund or one of the Federal Reserve banks. – Grant Preves

A lawyer  – Kaylie Quindel

I hope that I graduate community college with high grades and a fantastic GPA to get into Whitewater, my dream college. I hope to go into journalism, writing for magazines or newspapers or children’s books, wherever it goes and hope everyone who loves me will be extremely proud of me. Other than that, I’m going to keep living in the moment and live my life to the fullest, – Taylor Runge

A pediatrician that makes kids excited to see the doctor – Sammie Stebbings

Happy – Caidyn Sylvester

Working at a really good job and hopefully having a family. – Jennah Van Wazer

Doing well. I hope I’m content with where I am wherever that is. – Emily Wyatt