Class of 2022 Seniors Name Favorite Teachers, Classes


Janshego because he is always willing to help me and is so nice. – Abigail Ablin

AP Psych with Wads because there is never a dull moment in that class. Also, APUSH with Terhaar because of the swanky parties and debates. – Natalie Alexander

Mrs. Powe because she brought so much joy and excitement to class and wants you to exceed in the things that you do in her class. – Alexis Bauman

Engineering Design and Development (EDD) because me and my team are working together on a year long, real world problem to solve. – Luke Bounds

AP US History, AP Psychology, and AP Spanish. All of these classes involved a lot of student interaction and really made the learning experience here at Prairie Ridge really fun and interactive instead of the regular, sit down and take notes type of class. – Sayak Dubey

My favorite teachers from PR would have to be Mr. Simak and Mr. Stastny because they always created a positive learning experience as well as making the learning target exciting and fun! – Madeline Durrant

German (I-IV) with Mr. Higgins: Always an enjoyable environment to learn in, and a great way to connect with a culture outside of the US. Mr.Higgins truly cares that his students are happy. AP Economics with Mr. Seyring: A great course of essential knowledge and understanding of the world we live in. Mr. Seyring offered great real world experience and always had insights for every lesson. AP Calculus BC with Ms. Orsi: The most challenging math at the school with an expert in the subject. Ms. Orsi not only knows the content but is constantly willing to help her students and go the extra mile to make sure they succeed. AP Language & Composition with Mrs. Fetzner: Essential English course with both great rigor and content. Mrs. Fetzner has great understanding of the course and English as a whole, and is always able to help students understand the proper techniques of the course. Strength and Conditioning with Mr. Pecoraro: A class that teaches you how to take care of yourself better than any academic setting could. Mr. Pecoraro spreads life skills that apply in both academics and other aspects of life. – Donald Faccone

Mr. Senese because he has some nice shoes. – Matt Fryer

Mr. Low, PLTW Classes: this class was definitely my favorite because it was truly a surprise of what we did every day. Each day we had a new project that was hands on and challenged us in a fun way. There were no essays we had to write or complicated math problems- it was all real world problems that taught us life skills through fun and creative projects! Mr. Low was one of my favorite teachers because of his approach to class and his positive attitude every day. His dad jokes and style of teaching put all of us in a better mood and he was always easy to talk to about life. His class always served as a break in stressful days – Kelly Gende

Patel because we get to John T!! – Katie Gorton

Mr. Taege makes classwork fun with games and can joke about stuff with us. He doesn’t take it too seriously which is a good break from the rest of the day. – Ava Gutowsky

My favorite teacher is Mr. Janshego because he always knows when someone is having a bad day. His classes are also really fun to be in which makes me smile. – Maria Knox

Jean Boddy – AB Calculus… loved her teaching style and never forget about Mean Jean Drives to Milwaukee (MVT) – Bradley Kuhn

My favorite teacher is Aaron Cummins because he has helped me get my art to many different art shows, some I haven’t even heard of, and he has helped me with applying to colleges and scholarships. He is also a really chill person to hang around and is always willing to help others. – Jenny Lea

My favorite teacher this year has been Mr. Senese and AP Environmental Science. I like it because he is clearly passionate about the subject while also relating to us teenagers perhaps not having that same passion for Environmental Science – Ryan Mangin

Mr. Stastny was my favorite teacher. Freshman year we read Romeo and Juliet and he brought in foam swords so we could act out the fight scenes. – Sarah Mercieri

Ms. Kuhne– I was able to spend my free periods joining random band classes and learning all sorts of new instruments, and I’m pretty sure neither of us know what band class I’m actually supposed to be in anymore. Wads- I was the only sophomore in a class of seniors and he definitely made an impression right out the gate that made his class feel like a safe space to have fun in despite not knowing anyone. – Sarah Michalak

Mrs. Boddy and Mrs. Powe – they’re such a positive influence and really helped me throughout the school year – Dasha Noble

Mrs. Buck and Mrs Bleumlein. They both have been nothing but amazing support to me while being here. They are the best idols I could look up to and I’ve always said this and will continue saying it. If you have a problem with either of them YOU’RE the problem, I’ve literally witnessed it. They are both amazing teachers and I’m so grateful I got to create the bond I have with them and the learning experiences I gained from them. – Maya Ortiz

Mr. Wads was my favorite because he facilitated genuine critical conversation in class. He allowed the students to lead and fully think through our ideas, creating an amazing learning environment that taught much more than what was on the test. – Limb’rin Ostergaard

Math, PE, French – Pedro Pedroza

AP US History with Mr. Terhaar: great teacher who made the class both entertaining and educational. He put a lot of effort into his lectures, displaying some impressive acting and voicing skills. I also enjoyed the group projects and interacting with fellow classmates throughout the year. – Grant Preves

Mr. Karlblom because he’s very relaxed and understands his students and their needs – Kaylie Quindel

My favorite class is, hands down, creative storytelling with Mrs. Powe in room S321. She is the best teacher ever and is extremely sweet with helping on confusing assignments. Another reason, besides her, is because you get to express your emotions through poetry and also express your creativeness/creative thinking into a short story, vignettes, etc. – Taylor Runge

Ms. Orsi has been an amazing teacher. Calculus over the past two years has been so much easier thanks to her. She knows how to perfectly explain the most complicated subjects! – Sammie Stebbings

Mrs. Stantesly and Mr Terhaar: by far the best teachers in the school. They make boring classes very entertaining. – Caidyn Sylvester

My favorite teacher and class was choir with Mr. Jensen because all the songs we got to sing especially during the pops concerts were really fun. Also, this class let me meet so many new friends and some of my favorite memories are here too. – Jennah Van Wazer

Wads Psych. I’ve always enjoyed learning about the brain and Wads throws in a fun level of chaos while teaching. – Emily Wyatt