Class of 2022 Has Some Advice for Underclassmen


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Prairie Ridge seniors produced and performed Little Mermaid in 12 hours on March 19, 2022. Many of these seniors had not participated in theater events previously during high school.

Talk to more people  – Abigail Ablin

It’s genuinely scary how fast high-school went. If I could go back I would make sure to never miss a football game. If you’re thinking of not going to a sporting event, go anyway because you never know what you’re going to miss.  – Natalie Alexander 

I wish I had been more open and outgoing my sophomore years because I was new and didn’t know anyone.  – Alexis Bauman

Don’t take too many classes, and make sure you have a lunch. – Luke Bounds

If you’re ever feeling like you shouldn’t try for a role [in a play] or crew, just do it. There will always be a spot for you in every production and we all want you there. You’re more than good enough with your skills to join in! – Victoria Daszynski

One big piece of advice that I can give to underclassmen is that you should try to do as much as you can here at Prairie Ridge. At this school we have so many opportunities to take part in clubs, sports, or even the fine arts department, which makes it nearly impossible to not find something you’d enjoy. – Sayak Dubey

My advice to underclassmen would have to be attend all events held at our school. I remember being told this advice when I was an underclassmen and I would always brush it off thinking, “I’ve got 2-3 more years to go to that stuff,” but time flies by here and I wish I would’ve attended everything, especially when I was younger. Also, you truly do have to work hard your freshman and sophomore year because that is what sets your GPA for the next 4 years of your life and if you start off on a bad foot it’s very hard to get your GPA up.  – Madeline Durrant

There is nothing in high school, and likely life, that you cannot learn. In other words, you can learn some things far easier than others, but there is not anything in academia that cannot be understood. – Donald Faccone

It’s hard to really find who you are but exploring what you know is easier. Find what you love and stick to it. If that doesn’t happen, move around. Life will always have challenges but it’s about how you find the silver linings and the positives that make the world worthwhile. Especially the dramatic arts. – Forrester Faia

Do your homework so you keep your GPA up.  – Matt Fryer

Get involved. This was something I am so happy I did right away during my time at PR because being a part of your school makes attending more enjoyable. Being in sports like basketball and soccer have me some lifelong friends and were always the highlights of my year. – Kelly Gende

Don’t be scared to talk to people you don’t know. – Katie Gorton

Don’t be afraid to join something because of what you think it might be. Join it, give it a try. Also: be yourself, and be social. Those might conflict with one another, but they both will get you more and better friends. – Will Green

My advice is to not stress so much about classes and the credits because that will make you work too hard when it shouldn’t be difficult to get through a class. Just try and take classes that you know you can excel in to not put so much pressure on yourself.  – Ava Gutowsky

Don’t procrastinate on your homework. I did that a lot my first two years here at PR and since then, I’ve been studying and doing assignments as early as I could. – Maria Knox

Get out there as much as you can. Take choir. Go to football games. Go to events! You make amazing friends along the way!  – Bradley Kuhn

Always move to your right side of the hall except if you’re blocked by someone and when going up to the second floor after gym, go up the staircase by the vending machines. Trust me; it’s better that way. – Jenny Lea

Everything is about to change. You will not be the same or have the same friends in 2 or 3 years. Plan long term anyway. Rather than live in the storm, pretend you’re in the eye. You’ll most likely be wrong, but you’ll be happy.  – Ryan Mangin

I know everyone says it, but my best advice is to get involved. Find a club that you like and have fun being a part of. It really makes your time at PR so much more enjoyable and helps you become friends with some really great people.  – Sarah Mercieri

Start joining stuff without being scared of how it will go or if you’ll know anyone or fit in. Yes, some of it won’t fit, but other places will become your home for the next three years. You’re never going to know that was your passion if you don’t show up to that first practice.  – Sarah Michalak

Stay focused and pay attention to school – Dasha Noble

My advice would be don’t rush and don’t worry. We don’t realize this till we get older. Time goes by in the blink of an eye, and you don’t want to close your eyes and just see you crying over that random person; you wanna see happiness with your friends and family. So enjoy high school while you have it, create those memories and just don’t try to grow up so fast. Trust me when you’re graduating in a month those memories and old times are what you crave most. – Maya Ortiz

Try things, and if you don’t like them, after an honest effort, that’s ok. Don’t, however, try one thing not like it and not try anything else. Use the four years to find something you actually enjoy. – Limb’rin Ostergaard

There is always a solution to everything and no problem is to big or small for it to be fixed. Live life to the fullest and bestest because one day you will look into the past and wished you would’ve done something that really could have brought joy to you and the people around you. – Pedro Pedroza

Put a lot of effort into your classes and care about grades. Freshman year sets up your GPA for the rest of your high school career. It is very hard to drastically move your GPA after that initial year even if you perform phenomenally the next 3.  – Grant Preves

Do your work and turn things in by the due date!! Will save you from loads of stress along from your teachers from stress  – Kaylie Quindel

One piece of advice I wish I’d known and willing to give to the underclassmen at PR, is to know whether a friend is toxic or not because I struggled with that a lot and don’t want their friendships to be toxic. I wish I had known that advice before I found out about friendships the hard way.  – Taylor Runge

Don’t screw around freshman year and take SAT prep seriously – Caidyn Sylvester

High school goes by fast; don’t waste it doing nothing. Get out there and enjoy yourself. – Jennah Van Wazer

Take a wide variety of classes. It’ll help find what you’re passionate about. Also don’t let your grades absorb you. You’ll be ok. – Emily Wyatt