Letter to the Editor: What Should We Do About Ukraine?

The U.S. should not get involved with the situation in Ukraine, at least not yet. The situation in Ukraine is getting considerably messy. Putin has bombed memorial sites, schools, and other places that aren’t in any way related to military bases. These civilian structures have no way of knowing if attacks are coming, and no way to protect themselves. These are acts of war crime and Putin is doing it to evoke fear in the people. I believe the U.S. won’t get involved based on our past experiences with war, that is unless we are attacked. There’s only so far the U.S. can go before we decide to be involved, but so far we have not crossed that line as of right now. – Megan Tay

In my opinion, I feel that the United States should get involved in the wars in Ukraine within the next few weeks. There are many reasons for that. Although it may be best to stay out of the war, time will tell. According to CNN, the US identifies 3 places where we may get involved. We likely will get involved soon. Fox News says that Putin has committed war crimes against humanity. He has blown up a hospital, and that is not all he has done. We do not want Russia to take over the world so it may be best for us to get involved within the next week. – Eve Tonyan

I think the United States should get involved with the situation in Ukraine. Putin has committed some serious crimes, and it cannot go unaddressed. According to UN.org, he has willfully caused great suffering, and done a lot of willful killing. This is deranged and needs to stop, and have an end put to it. He is causing so many innocent people suffering, and it is beyond not okay. The United States should get directly involved if he decides to invade anywhere else. But for now, i think the US should continue to help supply weapons, money, and support to anyone affected by this crisis. – Basil Salvatore