The Howl – October 18, 2021


Hello, and welcome to another Howl broadcast, brought to you by Prairie Ridge news team. Today is October 18, 2021, and we’re recording outside in the indoor courtyard at Prairie Ridge. I’m Dimitri Vuyadinov and I’m Grant Preves. Let’s get riiiiiight into the news!

School News

Grant: Are you a math wiz? Do you want to share your mathematical genius with the world? If so, the Math team is the group for you! The first informational meeting will be held this Wednesday the 20th in N106 right after school. Questions? Email Mrs.Boddy at [email protected].

Dimitri: Do you love the arts? Do you want to tell a meaningful, mellifluous story that is bigger than yourself? If so, consider joining the Musical! The school musical this year is entitled Into the Woods, a fantastical and moralistic tale set around fairytale characters of old. Cast, Crew and Orchestra members are needed. No matter what your talents are, musicals have a place for you. Auditions are October 26th. Email the director, Mr.Jensen at [email protected] for more information.

At PR, you can get involved in many different ways, including,

  • Astronomy Club on this Tuesday after school in room 313
  • Academic challenge team on Wednesday after school in room 313
  • Wrestling coaches will meet interested students Wednesday, Oct. 20 at 6:30 pm in N106
  • Dance team tryouts are Monday, Oct 25.
  • Cheerleading tryouts on Tuesday October 26th after school
  • Diversity Club on Tuesday, October 26th before school at 6:45 AM

In Chicago sports

Grant:  The White Sox suffered an embarrassing defeat last Tuesday to the Houston Astros, losing 10 – 1 and their chance at advancing into the playoffs. The Sox lost the series 3-1, and were outscored by the Astros 31- 18. Houston is the third team to appear in five straight league championships, and the first to do so since the Atlanta Braves during the 90’s. 

Despite a disappointing end, the White Sox had an incredible season. From Carlos Rodón’s near perfect game and no-hitter in mid April, to Liam Hendriks closing the 2021 All-Star game, to Tim Anderson’s walk off homer during the field of dreams game in August, the season provided us with endless thrills. 

Chicago finished the season with a record of 93-69, scoring 4.91 runs/game, and earning +160 run differential. They had the best record in the AL Central, the third best record in the American league, the best home record in the AL, and the 6th best record in the MLB. 

Dimitri: Yesterday the Chicago Bears suffered a 24-14 loss against the Green Bay Packers. Rookie QB Justin Fields completed 16 of 27 passing attempts, accumulating a total of 174 yards. He threw just one touchdown, and gave up an interception. With running back David Montgomery out due to a knee injury, the Bears needed a player to step up. Rookie RB Khalil Herbert, a 6th round draft pick, provided most of Chicago’s dwindling offense. The former University of Kansas Jayhawk rushed for an impressive 97 yards over 16 carries, with a rushing touchdown. On the defensive end, the Bears totaled three sacks, with veteran linebackers Khalil Mack and Robert Quinn, and defensive end Akiem Hicks each securing one sack respectively. 

National News:

Dimitri: Pharmaceutical giant Merck has submitted an application for emergency use authorization to the FDA to approve their new antiviral pill, molnupiravir. This pill has the potential to reduce deaths and hospitalizations if taken by patients early on in their fight against COVID-19, According to the company’s clinical data. If approved, this pill would be the first effective treatment against COVID-19 in pill form. 

Grant: On October 14th, President Joe Biden signed a bill approved by Congress to raise the debt ceiling. The ceiling extension of $480 billion will allow the government to finance spending on healthcare, social security, the military, and interest on the national debt. According to the U.S. Department of Treasury, since 1960, the government has never failed to raise the debt ceiling when called upon to do so. Congress has voted to raise the ceiling 78 times since 1960, showing a trend of bipartisan support for the action. The increase of $480 billion is projected to keep the government running until early December, when another debt extension will likely prove imperative. 

If the government ever failed to raise the debt ceiling when necessary, financial turmoil would ensue. This is because the federal budget usually operates in a deficit. The U.S. borrows money from both domestic and foriegn entities through the selling of bonds. As this cycle continues, the U.S. must borrow more money in order to pay back interest on prior loans. Therefore, if the debt ceiling ever fails to increase when appropriate, the government would be unable to afford interest on their loans, resulting in mass default. 

Dimitri:  Suggesting a future political career, former president Donald Trump recently held a rally in Iowa. His speech was characterized by claims that the election in 2020 was stolen by the current president Joe Biden, and the establishment he represents as well as Trump’s hope to “Make America Great Again… Again”. The fact that he was in Iowa, an important political swing state which votes first in the presidential election, and his endorsement by senator Chuck Grassley, seems to indicate Trump remains the face and head of the GOP as of now. 

We here at news team hope you stay happy and healthy. As always, thanks for watching.

Correction:  The Academic Challenge team meeting on Wednesday has been postponed. See Mrs. Stantesly for the schedule. 10/19/21