Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is the celebration of independence for a multitude of Spanish speaking countries such as Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Honduras. During this month, September 15th to October 15th, it’s important to appropriately celebrate and acknowledge their culture. 

As a predominantly white community, it could be difficult to understand where the line is drawn between appropriation–the inappropriate adaptation of a culture–and appreciation. 

There are many ways PR students and staff can commemorate the history of Hispanic ancestry in our community:

  • Honor a Hispanic hero every week and discuss their influence on the culture
  • Cook authentic recipes from Spanish speaking countries 
  • Understand the difference between Spanish speaking countries and Portuguese speaking countries
  • Visit the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago
  • Consume Hispanic media such as books or podcasts
  • Learn the origins of different countries and how they gained independence 
  • Listen to Spanish music
    • Try this 2021 Hispanic Heritage Month playlist on Spotify
  • Invite a guest speaker to discuss their culture
  • Watch television shows either in Spanish or in English with Spanish subtitles
  • Watch films directed by a Latinx or Hispanic person
  • Talk with one of our Spanish teachers 
  • Exchange emails with a pen pal through the Costa Rica Virtual Exchange program
  • Support local businesses owned by someone of Hispanic or Latinx origin
  • Play a Latinx artist’s music during the musical minute 

Celebrating heritage is important to do, especially in a predominantly white community. Please consider doing one of these activities to respectfully honor Hispanic and Latinx culture this fall and consider attending the next Spanish Club meeting on October 14th.