Bears Blunder Early


With week 3 of the NFL season coming to a close, the future of the season is uncertain for the Chicago Bears; however, one thing is certain, the Chicago Bears will not win games while taking orders from Matt Nagy.

Following an abysmal offensive performance in which the Bears fell 26-6 to the 2-1 Cleveland Browns, it is clear that the play calling role needs a change of personnel.

While the defense, under new defensive coordinator Sean Desai came out of the gates strong, containing a top-tier offense such as the Browns’ while being on the field for over three-quarters of the game is a daunting task for even the best of defenses. With that being said, in no way, shape, or form does that fall off Desai’s squad, but rather all on the shoulders of Nagy and the offensive play calling.

Throughout the game, it was apparent that Justin Fields was not ready to be an NFL quarterback. However, the Bears gaining 47 total yards cannot be blamed on one single player. It was very evident that the game plan, preparation, and play calling were all subpar during the dreadful week 3 performance.

Where Did It Go Wrong?

With many factors playing into Sunday’s loss, it’s tough to say if there is a simple solution to the mayhem that took place on Sunday.

It was clear throughout the game that Justin Fields, making his career debut, was not ready to face a top-tier NFL defense. Going a frightful 6-20 for 68 yards this week, while not all, some of the responsibility has to fall Fields’ direction. Clear air-mails, missed opportunities, and inability to get rid of the ball were just some of the problems apparent with Fields.

Coming off of a solid performance in week 2 against Cincinnati, the offensive line did a complete 180 looking just as miserable as the rest of the offense in week 3 allowing Cleveland’s d- line to get to the mobile rookie a whopping 9 times with half of those coming from All- Pro defensive end Myles Garrett. With the o-line struggling as much as they were, it was equally as hard to get David Montgomery and the run game going as it was the pass game, taking away a key aspect of the Bear’s offense.

According to ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky, the Bears had extra blockers on a mere 3 plays, meaning for the rest of the game, Nagy felt strong enough in his 5 starting o-lineman to block Cleveland’s pass rush. Did that work? No, and that all comes down to “offensive genius” known as Matt Nagy and his preparation and planning ahead of Chicago’s week 3 matchup.

What’s Next?

As Chicago prepares for their upcoming game against the 0-3 Detroit Lions, it is clear that many aspects of the team need improvement. While the players’ performances individually lacked luster on the offense, ultimately the weight of the loss falls on the coaches and because of this, Chicago’s next move should be to fire Matt Nagy.