Saif Karim

a class of 2021 senior to know

Saif Karim was nominated by faculty as a Prairie Ridge senior to know.

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Saif Karim was nominated by faculty as a Prairie Ridge senior to know.

I will miss my extracurriculars. The activities that I was a part of at PR–whether it be tennis or math team or speech team–they were all great opportunities to not only improve myself but socialize and have fun. I will never forget the connections, the memories, and the ups and downs of all the time I spent at my clubs and sport.

Honestly what I’m most proud of is being selected as a senior to know, being recognized as someone who’s a leader or as someone who’s important to the school because of their involvement. I’ve spent so much of my time at PR not only pushing myself, but those around me in attempts to create a stronger community at PR.

I hope to be remembered as a nice guy and a leader. So often I feel misrepresented and maybe that’s how I’ll be remembered, but for the people that know me they know how much I care for the people close to me and how much I try to help bring positivity to my surroundings. Whether it be through my recognition or accomplishments or personality, I want people to remember me as the guy who always tried to reach out to people in order to help build them up and to help build a stronger team.

Well [for next year] I was hoping to move out of the house and really live out on my own, but there’s no guarantee of that with covid and online learning. However, if we’re talking in the traditional sense I do really want to become independent and experience college life, exploring the campus, the city life, dorming. I just want to be somewhere else and see how it feels to be on my own.

With covid and online learning I know now more than ever that you need to work hard, grind, take every opportunity that comes your way and build your own success cause no one else is gonna do it for you, especially not the world. Hardship comes and goes and honestly sometimes you just gotta suck it up and take it.