Nina Ricciardi

a class of 2021 senior to know


photo provided

Nina Ricciardi was nominated by faculty as a senior to know from the class of 2021.

I hope to be remembered as a person who always gave their best effort no matter the time or place. I hope to be remembered as a person who spread positivity. Even though everyone has their own groups of friends, PR has such a welcoming and supportive group of people: both the teachers and students.

I got involved in a variety of clubs and organizations, as well as sampled a few sports. It was great way that I branched out and found the things I loved and still am involved in today. I am most proud of the fact that I tried so many things while in high school.

I hope I am as successful as college and that I find a group of people I can relate to. I’ll be on a big campus next year, so it’s both exciting and intimidating.

There were so many things [in the last year] that we could focus on that we had lost or decide we weren’t going to try anymore, when we should be focusing on what we still can do. It’s all about the way you choose to think.

Mindset is everything.