Lucas Kim

a class of 2021 senior to know


photo provided

Lucas Kim was nominated by faculty as a senior to know from the class of 2021.

I’ll miss being able to see my friends each day. I’ve spent almost my whole life growing up and learning with them and as hard as it is to say goodbye, I’m thankful for the time and memories.

I hope to be remembered for my work ethic. In every sport, class, and activity I participated in I dedicated myself to be the hardest worker in the room, and I think leaving behind a legacy and culture of hard work is more important than any one accolade or accomplishment.

I just want to be able to make friends and enjoy the chance to experience all college has to offer. This past year has really put into perspective just how important it is to make the most out of every opportunity, and I hope that I’ll be given the chance to do so.

I think the importance of rallying as a community struck me in this past year. As easy as it was to feel isolated or try desperately to make up for whatever time or events were cancelled due to the pandemic, the true growth that I saw occurred when we came together and united against injustice and in support of those deeply affected by this past year. The moment we set aside our own self pity and decided to stand together for something bigger than ourselves is when we were at our best.