PR Wolves of Wall Street

a new club at Prairie Ridge


Do you want to gain real life skills? Are you interested in the stock market? Do you want to learn how to become rich?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Prairie Ridge’s new investment club, The “Wolves” of Wall Street might be just the place for you. The new club is run by Mr. Seyring, the school’s finest economics teacher, as well as students Sayak Dubey and Grant Preves. Inspired by a want to help students learn how to invest in an extracurricular environment, the club will utilize online trading software to create a healthy competition in a no-stress environment.


The P.R. “Wolves” of Wall Street is an after school club that will host a simulated stock market competition through the website How The Market Works. Additionally, the club will work to foster educational discourse about the market. This will be accomplished through having guest speakers who have experience in the economic sector, as well as discussing various economic concepts with club members. The goal of the club is to provide students at PR with the skills needed to invest money smartly and successfully.


The club will meet at 3:00 PM via Zoom every Wednesday. 


Students can join the club’s Zoom through the Canvas home page. If you would like to join the club, please reach out to the board members through the emails listed below.

More Questions? 

Contact Eric Seyring ([email protected]), Sayak Dubey ([email protected]), or Grant Preves ([email protected]) with any inquiries.