Where will they be in fifteen years? 

Class of 2020 Seniors Make Predictions for 2035



On unofficial senior citizen day during Homecoming week, this group of seniors demonstrated how they might look in fifty years. This question though asked them to predict what they will be doing in 15 years.

A chiropractor with my own practice  – Aaliyah Pooran

Out of school and working somewhere in the political scene.  – Adam Jensen

Happy – Adya Kumar

Working in computer science – Alek Lossev

Living my best life as a published young adult author. Pay might not be great, but they say to do what you love! – Alex Ingwalson

Successful and doing something I love – Alexis Baron

A physical therapist with a loving family – Alexis Kantner

Successful and happy. – Allie Kiefer

Fulfilling a career as an architect and exploring many national parks and other countries.  – Allison Wehner

I hope to have a good job and have started a family with my husband. I hope that all of us have started our lives and are happy:)  – Alyssa Meade 

Married with kids and a golden retriever named Eleanor. Also, I will hopefully have a successful job in the field of Psychology  – Alyssa Rzany

Having a successful career in sports management, hopefully setting up major events like the NFL or NBA Draft or just helping set up smaller tournaments at a nearby town. – Amanda Heimos

A successful physician who is enjoying life to the fullest! – Amelia Jensen

A nurse working with kids or something in the medical field and hope to be living near Tower Road Beach in IL.  – Amy Glenn

The greatest ever. – Andrew Khoury

A successful photographer. – Angie Marquette

A veterinarian – Anna Lasswell

A law enforcement officer, who makes time to help create charity organizations for those in need of help. – Anthony Pizzo

A NICU nurse! – Ashley Kmiec

A successful engineer and happy with a family. – Bree Wright

Rich enough to buy groceries from Fresh Market – Brett Nygren

A photographer, maybe with a family (33 is a bit young). I hope to be involved in the things I love. – Britney Martinez

Stable with a full time job in the sports industry and hopefully living in an apartment or house – Caitlyn Shore

A high school math teacher and basketball coach.  – Cameron Gablenz

A police officer  – Cameron Suerth

Wisconsin Conservation Officer K9 Handler – Carson Veath

Working for the Walt Disney Company, have a family, and be happy! – Chloe Haegele

A teacher, happily married, and with kids of my own. I hope to be able to be grateful for what I have and for the effort I’ve put in to get to that point.  – Collin Preves 

Making mad dough. – Connor Hamilton

A self-made millionaire – Connor Lydon

Happy with people I care about. – Danny Lewis

A proud homeowner. – Elise Gregory

Stable  – Eliza Dzurisin

As happy as possible. – Emily Cabay

Doing something that benefits other people, no matter what it is. – Emily Golbeck

A successful chemical engineer.   – Emily McKnight 

An accomplished hair colorist, hopefully with a private studio. – Faith Rudolf

Happy and successful.  – George Concialdi

A PGA teaching pro living somewhere warm. – Grant Klepitsch

A mechanical engineer for a manufacturing company in Germany – Greta Heinz

An English and/or Social Science Teacher – Haidy Perez

Forensic Nurse – Haley Mari

A lawyer and married. I also want to live in the mountains with an amazing view. – Haley Wegener

Living happily and successfully in my career, hopefully as an illustrator. I also hope I have lots of dogs and maybe be living in Fort Lauderdale.  – Heidi Goodale

A nurse and have a family.  – Hope Emricson

A Registered Nurse in the Midwest area. – Jacob Munter

Happy with my career choice. I also hope that I understand that money isn’t everything. As long as I am happy, my life will be fulfilled.  – Jake Koffer

Happy and probably the proud owner of a dog (or two!)  – Jamie Gindorf

Successful, happy with my career, and have traveled a lot before I have a family. – Joie Gindorf

Dan Bilzerian – Josh Crandall

Living a quiet life with a loving significant other and working a job that doesn’t feel like work. – Joshua Scherrer

A marine and working in the police force bettering our world – Karen Ferral 

Running my family business – Katerina Theofanous 

Out of my house with corona long gone. – Kendal Skiermanski 

Have a steady supporting job as a Physicians Assistant with my own home and to start a family!  – Kenzi Iddings 

A system administrator or a sound engineer.  – Kevin Akerberg

On a beach – Kyle Koelblinger

Settled down and happily married with kids. I want to be happy with my life so I can be the best mom I can be.  – Leah Hanacek

A successful lawyer with a loving family.  – Lily Alcazar

Working at a law firm  – Macy Biggam

Working at a job I enjoy, spending time with my loved ones whenever possible, and creating my new life.  – Maddie Schwantz

Doing something related to animal science  – Madison Brockman

Teaching special education on the east coast or maybe even living abroad – Maiyah Devenport

A father at least, don’t know what I will be studying  – Mark Rohloff

A chemist. – Megan Zang

In California, or somewhere on the west coast, as a registered nurse or nurse practitioner just living my best life. – Mia Coliflores

Working in an elementary school and living on a lake with a big family and a dog. – Mia Storz

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist – Molly Sullivan 

Developed a cool piece of technology that everyone uses, whether it be a social media app or a hologram device (depends on the future).  – Neha Konjeti

Me and Jack Regione are gonna be famous movie directors. – Niall Brady

On my path to success and have everything I ever thought of having  – Nicole Hernandez 

Designing museum exhibits – Nina Gregory

An elementary school teacher. – Payton Andrlik

A Team Physician or Athletic Trainer for a Major Sports Team or University. – Peyton Richardson

Happy and healthy with my family  – Rebekah Piotrowski 

Successful as a doctor and living in California with my family. – Ryan Fist

Traveling the world and making money while doing it. – Ryan Goudschaal

Living freely – Ryan Kuhn

A welder for Scot Forge – Samantha Loudon

An engineer with a well-paying job, living close to my family, and have a family of my own…I also plan to be Vic Vic’s next door neighbor, but she doesn’t know that yet  – Sarah Pollastrini

Managing my very own business – Sid Lara

Happy. that’s all that matters to me  – Sierra Siebert

An astrophysicist doing research on the cosmos. – Spencer Alvey

In a good place with a wife and kids also have a good job  – Spencer Hall

A dentist  – Tia Adams

An actress and an engineer. But most of all I hope to be traveling the world with my friends. – Torie Mertens

Financial Analyst or in politics in some way – Tristan Viegas

Someone who enjoys a job helping people every day – Victoria Fisher

Living in a nice house with a wonderful family and awesome job – Victoria Wojcik

An established history teacher known for brightening days. – Zoe Riordan