Seniors Name Favorite Teachers, Classes


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Mia Coliflores and Payton Andrlik said their favorite class was Creative Writing, a senior English class that hosts a poetry slam in the spring. This was one of the last events in the PR auditorium before the stay-at-home order began.

Mr. Terhaar because he always knows how to make class entertaining and memorable! – Aaliyah Pooran

Mrs. Boddy was my favorite teacher at PR. She’s so sweet to everyone and she always has a huge smile on her face. – Abbey Lee

I really enjoyed having Mrs. Bluemlein in AP GOV. The class is very interesting and Mrs. B is great at keeping everyone engaged and up to date with what is going on in the world at the moment. – Adam Jensen

Mr. Jensen, Mrs. Dunker, Mr. Seiler, Mr. & Mrs. Senese, Mr. Cummins, Mr. Terhaar, and Mrs. Hartnett – Adya Kumar

Mr. Burger–great teacher–loves to teach COMPUTER SCIENCE students a lot of [about careers in the field]. – Alek Lossev

Herr Higgins loves to ride horses.

Herr Higgins is one of my personal favorites from PR. He has a great sense of humor, tells the best stories, and is very understanding! We always played fun games and had a good time with all of the events GERMAN class hosted. Going to the Christkindlmarkt and the opera were some of my all-time favorites! German was a ton of fun, and 100% of that was the teacher. Another amazing teacher I had used to go by the surname of Hammerstone—but she’s happily married now! In class, she was a lovely personality who got to know her students and cared about all of them. We would send compliment cards to one another, and this made the class feel so connected and warm. Outside of class, I was able to visit with culinary snacks and share my stories with her. She was always supportive and said she wanted to see my work on bookshelves one day! Finally, I have to say, Mrs. Jones, the CULINARY teacher at PR. I am impressed at how well she handles the kids continually messing around in class. Unfortunately, culinary had a few disrespectful souls, but she was able to deal with them much more calmly than I ever could. She has high energy, and I can tell she cares about us! Culinary is one of my favorite classes to ever take at PR, and I’ll treasure the memories with my classmates and friends. Mrs. Billimack, you have always supported me in my endeavors, and are a wonderful person! Mr. Cummins, I never actually had you as a teacher for class, but I appreciate everything you’ve done for me! Mr. D, the guidance counselor; Thank you for all the kind smiles and appreciation during my time in set crew!  – Alex Ingwalson

Mr. Karlblom: His class taught us about what to do post high school and that class was all around the best class to be in – Alexis Baron

Señorita Groat because she has always shown interest in more than just the classroom and she is constantly trying to find innovative ways to have fun learning – Alexis Kantner

LAW IN AMERICA with Mrs. Bluemlein. I loved learning about the law and Mrs. B made it so much fun!!  – Allie Kiefer

Madame Keaty because she is the best FRENCH teacher anyone could ever ask for! She brings so much joy to every student and to all of her classes and is overall such a genuinely caring person. – Allison Wehner

Stantesly was my teacher sophomore year, and I took her class this year just to have her. She is always so relatable and I think of her as someone I can trust to go to for anything.  – Alyssa Meade 

Mrs. Boddy, for somehow getting me to understand CALC; Mr. Taege, for making SPANISH fun; Wads, for being the coolest teacher and making PSYCH the most fun class I’ve ever had – Alyssa Rzany

Wads by a long shot because he makes his classroom environment super fun and he’s just super goofy and laidback which is why I enjoy him as a teacher. – Amanda Heimos

“These sweet girls surprised me with my fave tea today!!! #LoveMyKiddos #WorkingonourLEGACY” Mrs. Dunker tweeted November 22, 2019.

It is difficult to choose a favorite teacher when the school is filled with all different kinds of personalities and teachers who can inspire you with what you learn in class and with lessons you take on for the rest of your life. I know for sure that Mrs. Dunker has left a strong impact on me. While AP EURO was definitely one of my favorite classes in my four years, Mrs. Dunker has left me so much happier and has made me a better student and a better person through that class. She really showed how important the work hard-play hard mentality is and she showed that you can do anything you put your mind to. She is the most positive person I’ve ever met and she came into class every day with a smile on her face and an exciting lesson to teach. Even after my class with her, she would say hello to me in the hallway and show me the biggest and warmest smile when she saw me all through my junior and senior years. She truly is a wonderful woman with a pure heart who I will miss very dearly. Beyond that, there are a million other teachers who have made me so much better and who have brought me where I am today. My two years with Mrs. Brockland showed me my love of chemistry and she pushed me every single day to learn more and try harder. Her personality is one that I will miss getting to see every morning in my favorite class (AP CHEM :)) and her enthusiasm is unequalled by anyone I’ve met. Additionally, my three years with Ms. Orsi have made me love her as a teacher and a friend. Her stories were always exciting and she always found a way to make sure that everyone was learning and gave everyone a minute to share their thoughts to the class so we can all teach each other. She truly is an amazing gal who I will also miss. I really could go on an on about the teachers at our school and how lucky we are to have them, but I suppose I should cut myself off. – Amelia Jensen

Mrs. Palese because she’s super sweet and very helpful. Mrs. Brockland because she’s super funny to be around. Mr. Wadlington is always looking out for his students. Mrs. Boddy is super helpful and always smiley. – Amy Glenn

Mr. Petersen always made every day unique and always made me and the rest of the class laugh and think. Another teacher would be Mr. Senese; he always has a different commentary to the world and the problems we face. He has such a unique laugh and makes everyone feel welcome. – Andrew Khoury

APUSH: Terhaar made the class really fun with all his debates and projects. – Andrew Woenker

Mr. Cummins because he is very nice, caring, and funny. – Angie Marquette

Mrs. Boddy, Mrs. Bluemlein, and Mr. Senese – Anthony Pizzo

Mrs. Brockland: She is the best at teaching and giving life advice, always willing to listen and help. – Ashley Kmiec

Stantesly ‘cause you can talk to her about anything and she always makes class fun. – Bree Wright

I really did enjoy every class I was in because the teachers at PR are amazing, but if I have to pick some standouts, it has to be Herr Higgins, Mr. Wadlington, Mrs. Passaglia, and Mrs. Roberts. – Brett Nygren

Mrs. Brockland and Ms. Orsi – Brian Batliner

Mr. Cummins and my ART classes. They really helped shape me both as a person and as an artist 🙂 – Britney Martinez

Mr. Simak because although I only had him as a teacher freshman year he still always talks to me and says hi in the halls – Caitlyn Shore

Mrs. Stantesly, Mrs. Fuerholzer, Mr. Wads (Wadlington), and Mr. Low. – Cameron Gablenz

WORK PROGRAM because I learned what can happened in the real world and know how to invest in the stock market – Cameron Suerth

Madame Keaty made FRENCH class feel like it wasn’t even a part of the school. I always had it 9th hour so it made it seem like I had an early release to go hang out with my friends. Madame is also the sweetest, nicest, most caring person you’ll ever meet. Also CIVICS with Wads was the most lit class I’ve ever been in, and taught me a bear would always beat a gorilla in a fight. – Carson Veath

Mrs. Hartnett: She’s always been very kind to me, but has always helped me improve as a public speaker as a person. She knows how to have fun but also work hard, and she got me motivated to improve throughout four years. – Collin Preves 

Mrs. Boddy, Mrs. Dunker, Mr. and Mrs. Senese, and Mr. Seyring. – Connor Hamilton

Mrs. Stantesly always took the time to answer my questions and asked how I was doing, valued my opinion. – Connor Lydon

“To my students who have missed out on their spring activities, including prom, today’s chores are dedicated to you! 💗” Mrs. Brockland posted this message with her video from April 18.

My favorite class was AP CHEM because it was super hard, but when you started understanding the concepts it was super rewarding. Also Brockland is hilarious – Daisy Kucharski

Mrs. Boddy is one of the few teachers that actually cares about the students. Not only does she make the class fun, but she is so kind and funny. Mr. Wads: he’s a really funny person. I like the way he teachers because he puts in a lot of effort into impersonating something or someone. You can tell he’s genuinely passionate about PSYCHOLOGY. It’s very interesting to learn about the brain and how many things go into a person acting a certain way etc. Mrs. Berg is such a genuine and caring person. She actually cared and tried to make my high school experience better. I will forever be grateful for everything she’s done for me. – Denies Aguilar

AP STATS, AP PHYSICS 1, and ENGINEERING because they all apply to the real world. – Elise Gregory

Mr. Zier, not because I like math, but because he is a teacher who is good at teaching and also gets to know the students and has fun in class. Also the Taeges because I love SPANISH and they have been my favorite teachers since freshman year. – Eliza Dzurisin

Mr. Powell and Mr. Wadlington were my favorites because they are so in touch with their students and genuinely care about us. They want us to succeed as students, but they recognize that’s not all we are. – Emily Cabay

Band instructor Mr. Blakewell taught a new music class to students in the STRIVE program. Mr. Blakewell will retire from teaching this month.

BAND IV with Mr. B. because it was something I was really good at and all of my friends were in band with me. I also got a lot of opportunities because of band. – Emily Golbeck

Mrs. Brockland, Mrs. Boddy, and Mrs. Buck – Emily McKnight 

Mr. Pellikan. He is one of the kindest and most understanding teachers I’ve ever had. He always makes sure everyone is able to share in class and feels heard. – Faith Rudolf

Mr. Senese was by far my favorite teacher I have encountered at PR. Some people may find him a little rough around the edges, with just a pinch of sarcasm…but in all honesty, that’s what got me through my junior year. He genuinely cares about students’ education, and best of all he expresses it in a different way than most teachers. Rock on, Mr. Senese! – Gabby Martinez

Mr. O’Neil and Mrs. Buck – George Concialdi

Andy Petersen. He never fails to lighten up my day with his corny dad jokes or outfits on dress up days. Even with e-learning he manages to make my day even better with little daily videos of him joking around. – Georgie Durrant

Mr. Powell and Mr. Seiler – Grant Klepitsch

Mr. Taege, Mr. Janshego, and Mrs. Powe because they really get to know their students and really connect with them. I always enjoyed going to their classes and appreciate the time and effort they put in to support their students. – Greta Heinz

Mrs. Stantesly: she’s so nice and honest all the time and always takes time to listen to and get to know her students. – Haidy Perez

Stantesly because she is the best and knows how to teach and makes class fun – Haley Mari

Mr. Cummins because he always has your back and can be quite funny, and Mrs. Stantesly because she’s hilarious and awesome and fun all around. – Heidi Goodale

My favorite teacher is Mr. Taege because he was my SPANISH teacher for 2 years and he is always caring for his students. – Hope Emricson

Brockland’s 7-8 period CHEM class because of the jokes and tomfoolery  – J.T. Matthias

Mr. Simak, because he has been there for me all 4 years and has helped me though so much with school. I really could not thank him enough! – Jacob Munter

Mrs. Roberts (left with English teacher Mrs. Fetzner on the right) joined the PR English department in the fall of 2016 and quickly became a favorite teacher. She will retire from her D155 teaching career this month.

Mrs. Roberts is the best teacher ever because I know she always saw my potential.  – Jake Koffer

Sophomore year HONORS CHEM: Mrs. Stantesly is the best – Jamie Gindorf

Mrs. Stantesly, Mr. Powell, Ms. Glover, and Mrs. Powe are some of the most compassionate, supportive humans I know. – Joie Gindorf

Mrs. Stantesly: me and her have been best friends since sophomore year, and she is 100% the best teacher I have ever had. She cares about her students and cares about her student input. She is AWESOME!!! – Jolene Carlson

Bob Boldwyn: the biggest goof ever – Josh Crandall

Mr. Terhaar and Mrs. Dunker: I love learning history and they both made their classes incredibly fun. Mr. Wadlington always knew how to keep us engaged and laughing. – Joshua Scherrer

Mrs. Bluemlein truly cares about not only teaching her students but getting to know them as well – Kailee Pulda

Señora Lee because she’s been there to listen to me, Mr. Koeppen has made me feel like I can accomplish things when I felt like I couldn’t, and definitely the same goes for Pec. He’s helped me accomplish so much [in] weightlifting and motivated me every week with his motivational Monday videos. – Karen Ferral 

Mrs. Boddy puts in the extra effort to make sure you succeed in her class and she really cares about all her students. She puts in the effort to know all about her students. – Katerina Theofanous 

Kayla Hochman poses for a picture with her favorite teacher Mrs. Hartnett at the state speech tournament in February.

My favorite class at PR was AP LIT. Mrs. Hartnett created a really fun atmosphere, but we still got a lot done. I discovered a lot of really cool books and movies and that class will really help me in the future. – Kayla Hochman

Mrs. Stantesly and Passaliga because they don’t just teach you, they talk to you and want to get to know you better and be more of a friend. – Kendal Skiermanski 

Janshego! It’s so weird to think 4 years ago I was in his bio class. I think he has always been one of my favorite teachers. Also Stantesly, I never even had her as a teacher but during passing periods me and my friends would visit her and she was always so fun and easy to talk to. – Kennedy Garner 

My favorite teacher is Mrs. Taege. She never failed to make me feel accomplished and always made my day that much better because I knew she truly cared. – Kenzi Iddings 

Mrs. Dunker because she’s so passionate and knowledgeable about what she teaches and cares deeply about the success and well being of her students. Mr. Seiler because he’s always willing to discuss ideas with his students and have meaningful conversations with them, and he is dedicated to his work. – Kevin Akerberg

Mr. Petersen & Mrs. Stantesly – Kyle Koelblinger

Mrs. Boddy. She is so positive and always has funny ways of helping students memorize formulas. She teaches in a way that just makes sense and prepares her students really well for the AP test. – Leah Hanacek

Señora Lee, Mr. Simak, & Mr. Terhaar – Lily Alcazar

BUSINESS INCUBATOR: the most beneficial class I have taken at PR. The class connects you to the real world, brings in real business professionals and so many other amazing people. I cannot say enough good things about this class.  – Macy Biggam

Mrs. Bluemlein is a great teacher. She is always there for her students and listens to what they have to say. Along with being super supportive and understanding, she is very trustworthy and overall an amazing teacher. I wish I could have had her as a teacher every year. Mr. Cummins is also a great teacher. He lets you express yourself through ART the way you want to. He is also very funny, and someone you can talk to about anything. Mr. Boldwyn is a very funny teacher. He makes his lessons interesting, yet fun at the same time. His personality through being a teacher is relatable to his students, and I think that is what makes so many students like him, and that makes him a great teacher. I think many people will agree with me when I say the security guard Anthony is awesome. He is very funny. He makes an effort to know as many students as possible, and if you make an effort to know him back and form a relationship, you´ll realize he is one of the best people at PR. – Maddie Schwantz

Seiler, Simack, Señora Taege, Wadlington, and Roberts were all of my favorite teachers because they all attempt(ed) to connect with you on an academic/semi-personal level. In addition, they were always willing to help and all seem to genuinely enjoy what they do/are very passionate about the subject they teach. – Madison Brockman

Mr. Terhaar in APUSH because he taught in a fun and energetic way that just helped you learn the material. – Mark Rohloff

Mr. Boldwyn never fails to make class interesting.  – Matthew Loucks

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My favorite teachers are Mrs. Bluemlein and Mrs. Stantesly because they both really supported me throughout high school, and they are fun people to be around. – Megan Zang

My favorite class has to be my CREATIVE WRITING class! This is the only class where I felt like I could share my writing and literally anything else going on in my life without feeling judged. Everyone in my 6th hour is extremely talented and supportive. I’m so happy to have made meaningful relationships with most of them over this past year. – Mia Coliflores

Kelly MacDonald (otherwise known as Mrs. MacDonald or “Bro”) is one of the most influential teachers I’ve met at PR. I’ve never met someone more crazy, passionate, or genuine. She’s the type of person that when talking to you makes you feel like you’re the only one in the room. She’s the best storyteller, and I am forever thankful for the long talks we’ve had and advice I’ve learned from her. If you haven’t had a conversation with her, I’d highly suggest introducing yourself because she’s got a lot of experiences and knowledge to share that is definitely worth listening to. – Mia Storz

Boldwyn because he is so funny and always there for you, also freshman jokes. Jones because she will teach you everything you need to know about how to cook the good food and who doesn’t want to have a little competition  – Molly Sullivan

U.S. HISTORY because history is my passion and Mr. Petersen made it really fun – Niall Brady

My favorite teacher would have to be Mrs. Roberts because she was so cool and funny and made every day an amazing day ever since I stepped foot in her class Sophomore Year <3. PHOTOS because of the field trips we took to take some fine pictures that we hung up to make our school look nice. – Nicole Hernandez

AP EUROPEAN HISTORY, AP LITERATURE, AP SPANISH and SOCIOLOGY. The people who teach these classes are incredible, and I genuinely left them different than I went in. – Nina Gregory

AP PSYCH and AP HUGE: the best classes with my favorite teachers!  – Olivia Jewell 

Mrs. Powe (CREATIVE WRITING) because she is one of those teachers that not only cares about teaching the students but she wants to get to know them for who they are. She always pushes you to be your best and to work hard every day only in an effort to make you grow not only as an individual but as a critical thinker/writer. – Payton Andrlik

Mrs. Buck because she always comes to class with a positive attitude and she loves to make class fun. But, she also knows when to get serious and stop the fun for a few minutes to get through the lesson for the day. She is also a very kind person and so much fun to be around. – Peyton Richardson

Buck and Fuerholzer will always have a special place in my heart because those wonderful ladies made a real effort to know me and had such a huge impact on my high school career. I love them both dearly! – Rebekah Piotrowski 

I’ve had so many good teachers and taken so many great classes that I don’t think I could pick just one of them! – Ryan Fist

Mr. Taege (Spanish 1 – Spanish 3): He brought out a new level of toughness in me. He challenged me to do my very best in the classroom and on the basketball court. He took time to get to know me as a person, not just a student. I cannot thank him enough. – Ryan Goudschaal

Roberts was the best teacher anyone will ever have. – Ryan Kuhn

Mr. Agolli was my Autos teacher for two years. He was always there when I needed to talk or just needed help with welding or a car issue. He gave me advice and helped me get into the welding programs at MCC for my future. – Samantha Loudon

Mr. Taege will always be one of my favorite teachers! He always makes sure to get to know each of his students and make them feel welcomed into the classroom. My SPANISH classes always felt like a family. I have taken ENGINEERING courses all 4 years of high school, but ADVANCED DESIGN was my favorite because we focused less on memorizing content and had more freedom to work on our own. I was able to work with my friends Greta Heinz and Elise Gregory to design and weld a new hex bar stand for all the hex bars in the weight room! – Sarah Pollastrini

I have had so many favorite teachers and classes over the years so I’ll just slim it down to my senior year. My absolute favorite teachers were Mr. Higgins (GERMAN II), Mrs. Patel (CALCULUS), Mr. Wadlington (SOCIOLOGY and PSYCHOLOGY), Mr. Boldwyn (MYTH and LEGENDS), Mr. Marchewka (PE), Mr. Janshego (AP BIO). SPEECH was probably my favorite class. I think all of these teachers go so far out of their way to make their classes fun and interesting. – Sid Lara

Mrs. Bluemlein’s Interact Club students wrote thank you notes to first responders in September. Today the nation is grateful for health care providers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

My all time favorite teacher is 100% Mrs. Bluemlein. She is the most genuine and sincere teacher I have ever met. She is so funny and kind and one of the only teachers to ever make an effort to get to know me. I was always excited to go to her class because I knew that whatever she had planned was going to be genuinely interesting. She also encouraged us to do better things for our community, and I truly believe that after taking her classes that I have impacted my community in a better way. 10000/10 A+ teacher – Sierra Siebert

Coach Pec because of his infectious energy and Mrs. Fetzner because of how kind she is to everyone. – Spencer Alvey

My favorite teachers are Mrs. Bluemlein and Mrs. Stantesly because they are very nice and helpful when I have questions or need help on my homework. My favorite classes are US HISTORY, LAW in AMERICA, ART and DESIGN, GYM, ROBOTS and DRONES, and EARTH and SPACE. – Spencer Hall

Petersen was so kind when I moved last year and would make sure I was doing well and if I needed help. Hammerstone helped me a lot last year. She wasn’t only my teacher but kind of my friend. Her class was also fun. Wads taught us that we have always had structure and he made sure his class didn’t have structure so we would be prepared for real life situations. He’s also hilarious and has a great sense of humor. – Tia Adams

Benson – he brought a lot of energy to every class and made the class interesting every day – Tighe Vrbancic

The list goes on and on for me, but I’ll try to give my top three. CHOIR and Mr. Jensen (I practically grew up in the choir and Mr. Jensen has been such a wonderful role model for me. He does his job with pride, and he always knows how to make us laugh), MYTHOLOGY with Mrs. Hartnett (honestly any class with Mrs. Hartnett is a blast. She’s been such an amazing guide for me, and I just can’t really put into words how awesome she is), and ART with Mr. Cummins (I really feel at home when I get to work in the art room. Mr. Cummins gives us so much freedom, and he’s just the kind of teacher that you can feel comfortable with. It’s a safe space, and I really like it). – Torie Mertens

Boddy-AP CALC, Senese-AP PHYSICS, Terhaar-APUSH, all three teachers are so passionate about what they teach and the classes make you work hard which is fun when everyone is in it together. – Tristan Viegas

Wadlington because he is so positive and a very realistic person and pushes me to be better every day plus he is very understanding and cares a lot about his students. – Victoria Fisher

Mr. Senese and Mr. Stastny are my tennis buddies and I enjoy always saying hi to them in the hallways. Plus they are pretty cool teachers. – Victoria Wojcik

Mrs. Dunker taught us ways to remember and study material in a way that works for us. Previously, I had never thought about whether I should change my study habits until she went into depth explaining about what might work for different individuals. Also, she was the most positive consistent light in all of the school, always cheering us up and giving us reasons to be grateful. – Zoe Riordan