Leah Hanacek

a class of 2020 senior to know

I enjoy the fact that I have a lot more free time to workout and spend time with my family, especially my brother who is away at college for most of the year. I would tell people to find a new hobby to try or find a new show to watch!

I will miss my amazing teachers, especially Mrs. Boddy and her hilarious catch phrases. I will also miss laughing in the hallways with my friends, and the close relationships I have formed with my peers over the years.

I am proud that I joined Spanish National Honor Society. I met a lot of great people and learned so much new information about the Spanish culture that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t join this club. It is part of the reason that I want to minor in Spanish in college and continue my love of the language.

I hope to be remembered as the kind classmate who would never hesitate to turn to her neighbor and help out. I hope my teachers remember me as a student with a love for learning and a positive attitude.

I am looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life and meeting lots of new people at my future college. I am also looking forward to new opportunities such as study abroad at my college.