Class of 2020: Favorite Extracurriculars

Seniors Say Get Involved in These Activities

PRHS Cheer took 2nd place at the CLC invititational tournament in December.


PRHS Cheer took 2nd place at the CLC invititational tournament in December.

CHEER because cheering at the games was so much fun – Aaliyah Pooran

MUSICAL: it has so many people working together to accomplish the same goal. – Adam Jensen

MADRIGALS and COLORGUARD: I made some awesome memories and lasting friendships that I will hold onto forever. – Adya Kumar

JUDO: fun to compete and meeting a strong team of players. – Alek Lossev

ART CLUB is probably my favorite. While it can get pretty hectic in there, it’s still a great chance to hang out with friends and give yourself time to doodle. It’s really nice if you aren’t taking an art class! – Alex Ingwalson

GOLF: My favorite memories were made playing with everyone – Alexis Baron

LINK CREW offered me a way to meet and get to know the new students who will soon be the faces of Prairie Ridge High School – Alexis Kantner

MUSICAL: you get to meet so many new people, have a really fun time creating something amazing in the school, and become a part of a close knit family.  – Allison Wehner

“Every one of those girls believed they could run faster than they had all year. Every girl set a personal record, four of them were 50-61 seconds. Every PR runner was passing numerous competitors during the 3rd mile! No one finished as strong as PR,” said Coach Bro after the state meet this fall.

CROSS COUNTRY really brought me to a good group of people that all have good intentions. They made my senior year one to remember. – Alyssa Meade 

MADRIGAL DINNERS! Being involved in such a tight knit community and getting to perform all 4 years is an experience I’ll never forget  – Alyssa Rzany

SOCCER because it’s a sport where you bond so close together and it’s super fun and we take all skill levels, so if you want to try something out, I suggest soccer! – Amanda Heimos

TENNIS. I can safely say that I made the best friends and had the most fun and learned the most from my time spent on and off the courts with the best ladies I’ve ever met. – Amelia Jensen

INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL: we all would come together some days at the Y and mess around and without basketball those memories would not have been shared. – Andrew Khoury

CROSS COUNTRY: the team is like a second family to me. – Andrew Woenker

SET CREW because I always got to be with my friends and Mr. Cummins. – Angie Marquette

FOOTBALL – Anthony Pizzo

CHEER! Such a good way to spend time with all my friends and support the school. – Ashley Kmiec

CHEERLEADING – the team is really like a second family – Avery Tomlin

THEATER. There is a right place for everyone whether it be onstage or offstage. Also everyone is so loving and accepting! – Bree Wright

The 2019 football season came to an end at the State tournament, with the team taking second to a very talented East St Louis team. Here are the captains hoisting the 2nd place trophy. PR football has played in the title game three times in four years.

FOOTBALL: the memories I have made with my friends made all of the hard work worth it.  – Brett Nygren

MUSICAL – Brian Batliner

ART CLUB! It was always super fun to be able to hang out with friends and work on something you enjoy. It was always just a fun time, and helped a lot with the stress of school. – Britney Martinez

MUSICAL –  it gave me so many lifelong memories and friends. – Caitlyn Shore

SOCCER: I’ve played it all my life and to play my first year on varsity, my senior year, was really fun. – Cameron Gablenz

LACROSSE was best thing I did at PR – Cameron Suerth

PR BASS FISHING – I got to take a day off of school to go fishing. What more could I ask for? – Carson Veath

FRENCH CLUB and performing in the MUSICALS! I am going to miss all of the friends I’ve made and the feeling of home that each had for me. – Chloe Haegele

SPEECH TEAM – First time I felt like a part of a team, gained life skills I’ll use forever, and I had more fun with this than anything I’ve ever done before! – Collin Preves 

GOLF: I was able to make some great friends while playing a game I love.  – Connor Hamilton

FOOTBALL taught me so many life lessons and shaped me into the person that I am today – Connor Lydon

MADRIGALS, SCIENCE OLYMPIAD, MATH TEAM and SCHOLASTIC BOWL. I can’t pick one favorite because I loved them all – Daisy Kucharski

Definitely FOOTBALL. I’m pretty sure every person in football would say the same. When you’re with the same people 3 hours a day, nearly every day, for 6 months, you really form a bond with all the people involved. – Danny Lewis

TRACK and FIELD … duh – Elise Gregory

CHEER!!!! Helped me create friends and memories that will never be forgotten  – Eliza Dzurisin

TRACK AND FIELD! Everyone is so kind and accepting not only to one another but to the whole school. It was an honor to lead such an amazing group of girls. – Emily Cabay

Tim Blakewell | Prairie Ridge Highlights
The Wolfpack Band placed 2nd in class 3A behind Evanston at the Marengo Settlers competition. The band also placed first in percussion and were awarded best drum majors.

MARCHING BAND because it was a great way to start off every year. I loved going to all of the football games with my friends. – Emily Golbeck

CHEERLEADING because of all the memories and football games – Emily McKnight 

SET CREW: it’s a really fun environment and everyone is super welcoming. It doesn’t matter who you are in Set. – Faith Rudolf

FOOTBALL – George Concialdi

TENNIS. The team was very supportive of each other whether we needed help on school work or with life in general. Everyone was always there for each other. The matches were always super fun and throughout all 4 years, I always had an amazing doubles partner.   – Georgie Durrant

GOLF TEAM – Grant Klepitsch

BALLET: I have been dancing for 12 years and I love expressing myself through dance. SNHS: we do fun things like a Spanish cooking day and we set up the Epic Race which was super fun. – Greta Heinz

TENNIS because it was just a really relaxed and fun sport  – Haidy Perez

GYMNASTICS because the team bonding was memorable.  – Haley Mari

SET CREW!! I’ve met so many amazing people over the years, and it’s super fun and rewarding being a part of the school’s plays and musicals.  – Heidi Goodale

The swimming team won the Fox Valley championship earlier this year.

SWIMMING because it’s fun to work hard with your best friends – J.T. Matthias

THEATER because it’s amazing to see so many people work together to obtain the same goal of putting on a good show! 🙂 – Jacob Munter

Being a part of the CLC laughleets because I was the musical guest.  – Jake Koffer

The PIT ORCHESTRA for MUSICAL – I only participated in it my senior year, and I got to know the most genuine, kind, and accepting group of people at PR – Jamie Gindorf

SCHOLASTIC BOWL: I love being surrounded by equally nerdy people as myself – Joie Gindorf

FOOTBALL – Josh Crandall

THEATER: it’s fun to collaborate with peers and bring a show to life on stage. – Joshua Scherrer

MUSICAL (obviously!) –  It’s such a fun community to be a part of – Kailee Pulda

BASKETBALL was my absolute favorite time: being on the court with my friends was amazing – Karen Ferral 

SPEECH TEAM. It’s been a home for me for four years, and I never felt more welcomed  anywhere else. We’re a tight-knit family that supports each other and enjoys spending time together. We have countless inside jokes and have really become a family.  – Kayla Hochman

SUPERFAN leading! It was so fun to cheer on my friends in football with a front row seat. – Kendal Skiermanski 

Definitely CROSS COUNTRY. The bond and love between teammates and coaches on our team this year was unreal.  – Kennedy Garner 

I had the most fun being a SUPERFAN leader and highly recommend everyone to be one!  – Kenzi Iddings 

SOUND CREW because I got to work with many amazing people and learned so much while working in the theater.  – Kevin Akerberg

FOOTBALL – Kyle Koelblinger

TRACK! Everyone is so supportive and nobody looks at you different if you aren’t as good as someone else. The girls and coaches are so accepting, and it’s such a positive atmosphere.  – Leah Hanacek

FOOTBALL Managing & STUDENT COUNCIL!! – Lily Alcazar

TENNIS team: some of the smartest, most genuine people I have ever met. I am most thankful for these 4 years. – Macy Biggam

SWIMMING: a fantastic workout and I have always been intrigued from a young age  – Madison Brockman

SWIMMING 🙂 made friends for life that don’t just go to PR. – Maiyah Devenport

HOCKEY: I have played since I was 3 years old – Mark Rohloff

FOOTBALL, so many memories. – Matthew Loucks

SET CREW since we always had a good time. – Megan Zang

THEATER will always have a place in my heart because I’ve met my second family there! – Mia Coliflores

The PR Girls CROSS COUNTRY team is something I am so proud to be a part of. I’ve done many extracurriculars at PR, but I’ve never met a better group of people and coaches who challenged me and helped me create some of the funnest memories at PR. – Mia Storz

Way back when my freshman year we had a small group of people who would bake cookies and cupcakes for those who keep us safe – Molly Sullivan 

I have a lot of favorites. But I would say the ones that I love the most would be the NEWS TEAM, SPEECH TEAM, and SNHS. I feel like I could really use my creativity in these events: making truth or dare videos, planning for future cultural events, and coming up with jokes for my speech.  – Neha Konjeti

SPEECH TEAM! Your teammates become like your family and make competing at the crack of dawn on Saturday so fun. – Nina Gregory

CROSS COUNTRY because Coach Bro and Carp inspire me so much! Plus I had the best teammates! – Olivia Jewell 

My favorite extracurricular is definitely SUPERFANNING at all of the sporting events during the year if that counts! – Payton Andrlik

SWIM TEAM because it is a co-op team that brings in kids from all D155 schools so it’s nice being able to compete and have fun with kids from other schools, and you also form long lasting friendships and memories with these guys. – Peyton Richardson

SENIOR PROJECT: Not only is it run by the bubbliest teacher at PR, but the idea behind it is wonderful. Although we didn’t get to experience our 12 hour musical, the preparation, the laughs, the music, and the dedication of everyone in the room is something I will always remember. – Reanne Weil

MUSICAL season because you make so many new friends and spending all the time together is such a blast! – Rebekah Piotrowski 

I can’t choose between BASKETBALL and TRACK. – Ryan Fist

BASEBALL – I got to play my favorite sport with my favorite people. Coach Pec taught me so much about baseball and life. I had such a blast playing alongside my teammates and competing with them every single practice and game.   – Ryan Goudschaal

SOCCER just ‘cause – Ryan Kuhn

Being involved in the MUSICAL! It’s such a unique experience and you get to meet so many cool people! – Sabrina Vlk

Either playing on the VOLLEYBALL team or my autos class, Volleyball I met new people and got to make friends and it was a lot of fun traveling with them. Autos we used to have an AUTOS CLUB race rc cars and do stupid things after school. – Samantha Loudon

TENNIS was my favorite! It was always such a positive environment, and we had the best coaches! I was able to improve my skills over 4 years, but also build many relationships. I don’t really know how, considering I used to throw dried up worms at them, but many of the girls on the team are now my best friends! I don’t know what I would do without them! – Sarah Pollastrini

I’d have to say GERMAN CLUB was my favorite thing to do because of how interactive it is and how it basically involves you doing all sorts of fun stuff with your friends. – Sid Lara

GOLF team because I could go after school and play one of my favorite sports with great teammates. – Spencer Alvey

SOCCER because I have loved playing [since] when I was young. I have played for the school for the last four years and have been a manager for the boys / girls soccer teams. – Spencer Hall

It used to be SWIMMING. I swam for 9.5 years – Tia Adams

SCHOLASTIC BOWL:it was just a chill club where there were some good people – Tighe Vrbancic

THEATER! I’ve built so many friendships in the theater, and it really feels like a home. I love to entertain, so there’s nothing else I’d enjoy more. – Torie Mertens

BASEBALL because Coach Pec and the program helped build my character and work ethic today – Tristan Viegas

SOFTBALL, because I have been doing it almost my whole life and I loved my coaches especially Bobby who retired.  – Victoria Fisher

TENNIS! I have played on the tennis team all four years. It was the best decision I made in high school since I made so many close friends! – Victoria Wojcik

SPEECH TEAM because it made me realize my full potential. As someone who gets anxious about what people think, speech put me under the spotlight to literally judge me, and it made me grow as a person who can now overcome that and succeed.  – Zoe Riordan

Nine seniors competed at this speech tournament. Collin Preves (bow tie in the middle) names speech team as his favorite activity because it gave him life skills he will use forever.