Class of 2020 On Best Things About PR

Seniors Say Teachers Make the #PRExperience


Everyone is very welcoming and it is easy to make friends and memories!  – Aaliyah Pooran

The people, faculty, and students alike. You don’t have to walk very far to see a different friendly face. – Adam Jensen

The teachers and faculty – Adya Kumar

Meeting some friends that have a strong bond – Alek Lossev

The staff – Alexis Kantner

The teachers. I’ve never met one teacher that didn’t try to go above and beyond if it meant helping me learn!! – Allie Kiefer

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The teachers. They truly do their best to make connections and bonds with their students every day. They are always so considerate and caring for each and everyone of us and it really makes you feel at home. – Alyssa Meade 

The teachers!! They really do care about your understanding of the material and you as a person – Alyssa Rzany

The overall environment. When you combine education with the athletics and social aspect, it makes for a truly amazing experience. – Amanda Heimos

The best thing about PR is the community. Saying goodbye to this school is the hardest thing I’ve had to do, especially when my time was cut short. I love all the people who walked those halls, and every interaction I’ve had with the students and faculty has shaped me to be a better individual. The school makes everyone feel welcomed and loved, and the thing I am going to miss most is sharing a space with the best people I’ve ever met and who I now get to call family. – Amelia Jensen

How teachers are willing to go out of their way to help anyone. – Amy Glenn

The sports, which brings the entire school together – Andrew Khoury

The teachers – Anna Lasswell

No matter who you are, how bad times may be. You’ll always have those at the school to care for you, hence for why we’re a wolf pack. – Anthony Pizzo

The teachers – Ashley Kmiec

School spirit – Avery Tomlin

The staff and students. Everyone is so friendly. – Bree Wright

The staff. They cared about my success in the classroom, outside of the classroom, and in the future. The support from the staff is what makes PR a great atmosphere. – Brett Nygren

Teachers – Brian Batliner

The opportunity. My older sister started at a different high school and there wasn’t as much opportunity there. Our school is super awesome for a lot of things, even if sometimes it’s hard to appreciate and acknowledge that. – Britney Martinez

The community and being able to be friends with everyone, including underclassmen – Caitlyn Shore

It is our sports programs. The culture PR has in any sport is amazing. I’d say most of the sports teams at PR have had winning records the last few years and have accomplished some state championships and trips to state as well. PR surely is a great athletic school. – Cameron Gablenz

The friends – Cameron Suerth

The people. Sure the campus is nice, but without the people, it’s just a building. – Carson Veath

The teachers and overall culture at PR push students forward to work at their best all the time. And speech team!  – Collin Preves 

The community and the school pride that everyone has. – Connor Hamilton

The people!! – Connor Lydon

Teachers!! Every teacher at PR truly does care about the students and every teacher is good at what they do – Eliza Dzurisin

The community of people who take such pride in the things they do. Almost everyone at PR is passionate about what they are doing. – Emily Golbeck

The teachers!!! – Emily McKnight 

The people. Whether you’re a freshman or a senior…or even a staff member…these are the memories you’ll never forget..all thanks to those faces you see every day. You might not realize it now, but 10 years down the road, you’ll be able to remember each smiling face fondly. – Gabby Martinez

Football – George Concialdi

Everyone wants to see you succeed – Grant Klepitsch

It’s a very lively and accepting environment that really supports its students and wants them to be successful! – Greta Heinz

My friends and teachers – Haley Mari

The best thing about PR is the friendships I’ve made. During my four years here, I have made friendships that will last a lifetime. – Haley Wegener

There are so many opportunities to have fun, I definitely have made so many memories here that I’ll never forget. – Heidi Goodale

The best thing about PR is the community and all of the ways we can support our school.  – Hope Emricson

Vice principal Kevin Koeppen and principal Steve Koch pose with senior Karen Ferral who will serve in the military after graduation.

PR is just filled with so many nice, and talented people who would not hesitate to help someone if they ask! That is my favorite thing about PR. – Jacob Munter

Mrs. Steiner! She helps, I promise. – Jake Koffer

The faculty that genuinely cares about their students’ well-being  – Jamie Gindorf

The drumline – Joie Gindorf

The football team – Josh Crandall

The fine arts department! – Joshua Scherrer

How much my teachers cared and were there to help me even if I didn’t want it they were always there to listen to me. – Karen Ferral 

When everyone comes together for sporting events or things like that! – Kendal Skiermanski 

The bond between teachers and students is so awesome at PR. I’ve had multiple teachers throughout the years who have been more than just a teacher to me; they have been friends and mentors. I remember countless times when I was upset or frustrated and there were always a few teachers I knew I could go talk to.  – Kennedy Garner 

Diego – Kenzi Iddings 

The plethora of opportunities it offers its students the four years they attend. – Kevin Akerberg

Being with my best friends – Kyle Koelblinger

The teachers! They are so dedicated towards seeing their students succeed, and they are all very positive.  – Leah Hanacek

Seniors Elise Gregory and Emily Cabay show plenty of school spirit. @PrairieRidgeSS | Twitter

School spirit and Diego – Lily Alcazar

The sense of community and family. Everyone wants to see you succeed and genuinely cares for everyone at PR. It is a place where one can feel truly at home. – Macy Biggam

The best thing about PR is all the opportunities you have to meet new people. – Maddie Schwantz

Football games – Madison Brockman

The teachers and staff – Maiyah Devenport

The feeling of enjoying school – the people and the teachers – Mark Rohloff

It has a very supportive community, and the teachers are good at what they do. – Megan Zang

The best thing about PR is all of the opportunities to get yourself involved and meet new people. Doing things both inside and outside the classroom with other people is what makes your high school experience worth it. Don’t be afraid to try something new or outside your comfort zone because chances are you’ll end up grateful you did it. – Mia Storz

All the helping hands and support that everyone has no matter what – Molly Sullivan 

The best thing about PR is the people. The environment is so friendly and the teachers are so nice! I have learned so much from my teachers and coaches of clubs!  – Neha Konjeti

The staff are so nice and how we try to make boring times fun times – Nicole Hernandez 

The opportunities! You can do just about anything at PR, and there will be amazing people behind you to back you up. – Nina Gregory

The amazing teachers and sense of community – Olivia Jewell 







Everyone becomes a family. – Payton Andrlik

The entire staff! They make the school year so much fun. – Peyton Richardson

The teachers for sure, they all make the school a place you want to be, and they make each day so much fun – Rebekah Piotrowski 

All of the teachers that I’ve had over the years. – Ryan Fist

The people and the opportunities. I have met so many amazing teachers, coaches, and friends here at PR that I will never forget. These people gave me many opportunities to succeed in the classroom, on the field, and in my social life. – Ryan Goudschaal

The staff, always smiling saying hi or good morning and I´m going to miss walking in and seeing Dr .Koch and Mrs. Kendall saying good morning or the two gentlemen sitting there when you come in late. – Samantha Loudon

PR always has a positive environment, and it is full of some of the nicest people I have ever met (*cough* Claire Hogan *cough*) – Sarah Pollastrini

The ability to make your own decisions more and more as you climb the ranks at PR. I always sorta felt like I was on a set track during my freshman/sophomore years and couldn’t really do much. When Junior/Senior year came around I was finally able to do things I wasn’t able to do 2 years back. You were treated as an adult. It also really allows you to grow as a much better person than what you were just a few years back. – Sid Lara

I love the bright and laid-back vibe of everyone there. It made my school days a lot more enjoyable! – Spencer Alvey

The best about PR is that the teachers are willing to help at anytime and there is a lot of stuff to around the school you can do  – Spencer Hall

I’ve only been here for two years, but I would say the school spirit. – Tia Adams

How enthusiastic our teachers are every day and how much they care about all of us – Tighe Vrbancic

The friends you’ll meet. The arts department is also one of the best things. – Torie Mertens

The community that the teachers and students build and how as you become a senior, the community at PR falls on you. – Tristan Viegas

The teachers – Victoria Fisher

The pool – Victoria Wojcik

PR is a place where involvement is encouraged for everyone and engraved in our culture. – Zoe Riordan