Nathan Melchert

a class of 2020 senior to know


photo provided

After high school, Nathan Melchert will join the United States Marine Corps.

As an outgoing kid, staying at home is not really my thing, but since I have to be home, I’ve been cleaning up areas in my house that mean a lot to me, namely, my workshop and my garage. These two areas are where you can find me late on weekends when I’m trying to get my mind off things or just trying to have fun.

By participating in Mrs. Bluemlein’s (formerly Hammerstone) compliment cards activity I found out how my fellow classmates viewed me. Some of the most frequent phrases that occurred were: “class clown,” “funny,” “entertaining” and “outgoing.” Sometimes, teachers agreed with these statements, but most often, they would say that “it’s never a dull moment with Melchert in class.” I think I would agree with everyone’s statements, including the teachers. And having said that, major props to the teachers who were able to reel me back in on days when my attention span and interest was just not there.

Overall, I will miss the environment. As everyone knows, I am a very talkative person and throughout my four years of high school, I have made some strong relationships with some pretty important people here at PR. Shout out to Mr. Koeppen and Mr. Agolli for always helping me out with school activities or when I needed some good advice! If you don’t know these two people, I highly suggest introducing yourself to them!

I am most proud of my Senior year. Normally, Senior year, a lot of kids get lazy and give up and just want to be done with school. But not me. My Senior year I got straight A’s and was awarded recognition for the most improved GPA for Fall 2019. I have been working my hardest, and I am on my way to become a Distinguished Graduate.

I am equally excited and nervous for next year. I enlisted into the United States Marine Corps, and I ship August 10th. It will be a big change in my life, but I am very proud of my decision and am going to work my hardest.