Leah Levin

a class of 2020 senior to know


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Leah Levin was nominated by faculty as a class of 2020 senior to know.

[During the quarantine I’ve been taking] lots of walks with my dad and our puppy and still keeping up with my friends and teachers through Google Meet and Flipgrid videos! Also playing club penguin and animal crossing with my friends haha. More than I’d like to admit of that.

I will miss my wonderful friends and incredible teachers. Whether it was walking into the class, walking down the hallway (honorable mentions to two of my absolute favorite goons, Sam Gawronski and Dimitri Vuyadinov, for waving at me EVERY TIME we passed each other in the halls and giving the most heartwarming hellos in choir), or even just walking to the library to chat with Mrs Petty, every interaction was always so positive and made me so happy. I will miss that dearly.

I am so proud of my self growth throughout high school. I started my freshman year being too shy to even raise my hand and constantly leeching onto my brother’s friend group of seniors and only being known as “Josh’s little sister” haha. By the end of my senior year I have grown enough to be very outspoken and even got to stand on stage and present the most vulnerable and personal part of my life through a SLAM poem to an entire audience. Not only being known as “Josh’s little sister” has been pretty rad.

I hope to be remembered as someone who is always there for the people around me and the guaranteed smile and wave back in the hallway regardless of how well we may know each other! I also hope to be known as everyone’s biggest fan for whatever it is they are doing! I’m always here to cheer you guys on! Woohoo!

[I am looking forward to] taking my first real step into life and finally taking all the knowledge and experience I’ve gained from high school to a new future path!