Carson Veath

a class of 2020 senior to know

Carson Veath was nominated by faculty as a senior to know from the Prairie Ridge class of 2020.

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Carson Veath was nominated by faculty as a senior to know from the Prairie Ridge class of 2020.

Carson, what have you enjoyed most during the stay-at-home order the last few weeks?

Talking about how Carole Baskin killed her husband, sleeping in, being outside, playing cod with the boys, and spending some time with my family.

Ah, yes. So many people watched Tiger King. What else can you tell us about yourself and your time at PR, Carson?

I’ll miss Tuesday and Thursday P.E. Volleyball, Madame Keaty and all the AP French kids, Mrs. MacDonald and the PR Bass Fishing Team, Coach Pec yelling “SERIOUSLY?”, Fist bump Fridays, FNL, Blasting loud country music in the school parking lot, and overall, the people of PRHS, and the little bubble of security and peace of mind around it.

I’m most proud of being a founding member of the PRHS Bass Fishing team and turning my favorite hobby into an IHSA-sanctioned competitive sport. I’m really proud of being a part of PR BASS because it really opened my eyes to a career in our natural resources. I’m also really proud of Mrs. Macdonald and her dedication to the growth of the sport, not only in our school but in our state.

I hope to be remembered as the kid who was always nice to people, the kid who had a close group of friends, but was chill with everyone, and always wanted to help and see people happy. I would also accept that weird wanna be redneck who always had fishing rods in the back of his truck. Both are kinda true. . .

What’s next for you, Carson?

I’d like to meet a lot more people who have similar interests as me: hunting, fishing, being outside. I’m also really excited to continue my education in my pursuit to become a DNR Conservation Officer.

I’m also really excited to not live in Illinois for 9 months out of the year!