Will Scientists Bring Back the Dead?

Yale researchers wondered if they could bring pigs brains back to life. Their work was reported in Nature magazine in April 2019.

Wikimedia Remix (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Yale researchers wondered if they could bring pigs’ brains back to life. Their work was reported in Nature magazine in April 2019.

What happens if the dead come back to life? Is there any real science behind this? Well, yes, there is.  I never knew scientists would work on something like this.

The Infographics Show on YouTube introduced this new idea I never knew about before. I never thought it would be possible to actually having a brain function again after being dead.

The science began in India in April 2016 when Himanshu Bansal, a surgeon decided to treat 20 brain-dead patients with injections of stem cells and peptides in order to bring their brains back to showing minor signs of life. He couldn’t convince patients’ family members to participate in the study because they weren’t sure what would happen if the treatment worked. And even before he started the study, India’s government shut it down because he didn’t ask for permission. So he planned to do his study in another country.

Would a test like this ever happen in our country?

In April of 2019, The New York Times reported that scientists at Yale University wanted to know the same thing – could a brain come back to life? They used 32 pig brains as testing subjects.

During the experimental treatment the blood vessels in the pig brains started functioning. The brains were not alive but cells showed activity.

How could an experiment like this affect our future, if scientists actually find a way to bring a dead brain back to life?

How does this change our understanding about a relative who has been determined to be “brain dead” – what will family members have to decide about whether or not to continue life support?

It’s possible technology like this could limit organ donations.

There are lots of questions that still need to be answered.

This story makes people think about zombies and the walking dead, a perfect story for Halloween.