How to Win Homecoming Court

Anthony Carlini and Reanne Weil, Homecoming King and Queen, wave during the parade on September 20, 2019.

Anthony Carlini and Reanne Weil, Homecoming King and Queen, wave during the parade on September 20, 2019.

Have you ever wondered how someone becomes Homecoming royalty? I did, so I asked Anthony Carlini (king) , Reanne Weil (queen), Tyler Crawford (prince), and Sydney Munk (princess) how they did it.

How do you think you won court?

Reanne: I am involved in various activities at PR and try to be as outgoing as I can be. Interacting with people from multiple clubs and sports makes a person interesting and develops a strong personality.

Sydney: I am involved in many different activities and clubs throughout the school that consist of many different people, in many different grades; such as cheerleading, choir and theater productions. I am a very talkative person so I socialize with a lot of the students at PR.

Tyler: Because I am involved in lots of activities I’d guess, and I’m friendly with lots of different crowds. I am in football and participate in lacrosse so I know a lot of people throughout the athletic department, and I am also in choir and the musical so I am familiar with a lot of people in the music department. Also, I am in Spanish National Honors society so academically I am involved, but I think what got me the nomination is the fact that I try to say hi to everyone I’ve met.

Anthony: Oh, I won homecoming court by all my friends and my friends told their friends to vote for me. All my friends wanted to vote for me because I showed an act of kindness by holding the door every day and saying good morning…how’s it going giving out fist bumps or high fives; meeting new friends. I thought it was a great thing to do because everyone pretty much likes me and I’m a cool kid.

Advice for future court wannabees?

Reanne: It is an amazing experience, whether you win or not. Being voted by your peers is a great feeling in its own. Enjoy every moment!!

Sydney: Be social! Talk with your fellow peers and be kind to everyone!

Tyler: Get involved in different clubs and activities in the school, especially in the music department. Don’t campaign for yourself.

Anthony: I would make new friends, what I did pretty much every morning…I held the door open every morning for everyone before 1st hour started.

How did it feel when you found out you won?

Reanne: The feeling is indescribable. I felt a rush of excitement and joy all throughout my body and it seriously was amazing!

Sydney: I was super surprised!

Tyler: It honestly didn’t affect me that much. I was surprised and happy that my friends voted for me.

Anthony: I found out that I won by everyone in the gym cheering very loud when my name was called for Homecoming King. I felt really happy and extremely surprised.

Did you tell others to vote for you? If yes, who did you ask, like groups of people in clubs, or friends?

Reanne: I did not tell others to vote for me.

Sydney: I did not ask people to vote for me.

Tyler: No I didn’t, I told people to vote for another candidate, actually.

Anthony: I did tell others to vote for me. I asked pretty much all of my friends. Then my friends told their friends to vote for me.

Did your friends spread the word to vote for you?

Reanne: Actually, I have no idea if my friends spread the word.

Sydney: I’m not quite sure, I think so.

Tyler: Yes, they did.

Anthony: Yes, they did spread the word to vote for me. They knew that because they knew that I was a nice kid.