Seniors Suggest Ways to Make PR a Better Place


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Wolf Prints asked the class of 2019 seniors for respectful suggestions to make PR a better place. They had a lot to say!

Make some of the alarmed doors  not have alarms (aka, freshman hall doors)  – Abby Klimkowski

Probably ask that we have more attention placed on suicide prevention and depression handling than on SAT scores. – Adnan Noorullah

Re-open the doors leading out to the parking lots because only having a couple exits as opposed to many in an emergency is actually more dangerous. A thousand students can’t all exit just 2 doors at the same time. – Adrian Kochmanski

Give no homework because students are already here for up to 8 hours a day, and many have jobs – Alexandra Dalzell

I wish the stereotypes of different “cliques” didn’t exist. (like football players and cheerleaders not being smart, or theatre kids being weird, art students aren’t well behaved etc) it’s not fair and very rude.  – Ally Akerberg

I wish we had an open space to be outside and work when the weather is nice outside. During the early months of school and in the spring I definitely get cabin fever being stuck inside all school day for 7 hours. – Amber Johnson

Lower the cafeteria prices – Angie Thrasher

Tell some of the teachers to teach not tell – Anja Trost

Let us leave through the freshman doors! – Anna Tulke

Don’t make the school feel like a prison. – Anthony Nardi

The student body needs to be more accepting towards diversity – Ashley Roberts

Open up the freshman doors/other doors that were locked this year, because it’s a hassle especially for those who have to park further away. Maybe at the beginning/end of each day they should be unlocked.  – Bella Levitan

Go to gym during a free period even if not make up – Brennen Briske

Take down the security on doors and phones. You want students to feel safe but also be able to enjoy their time in school. – Brooke Faron

Make sure bullying doesn’t happen – Camille Drain

Allow for more student input to exact change – Carolyn Sveden

Put therapy dogs in the library or student services, so students can de-stress.  – Cassie Beadell

Let them know that people sneak out the Strive doors because those are the only ones that aren’t watched when we leave for lunch, so anyone who doesn’t have an ID just goes out those doors  – Cassie Cassano

Make sure the superfan leaders support every sport not just football and the sports they play! Stay active the whole year and our school spirit will be even bigger and more positive.  – Colette Reiche

Re-open the freshman hallway doors. – Colleen Schneider

Suggest they chill with the alarmed doors. Like c’mon.  – Cora Knochel

Unblock everything on the computers – Dan Rykowski

Allow people to leave during 9th commons  – Drake Regenhardt

Allow students to be able to switch teachers if they feel they could learn better in a different environment.  – Drew Gende

Give Diego a raise  – Dylan Steinkamp

Recommend to get a pool  – Elena Faia

Unlock the doors and open 1st and 9th Commons!!!!!!  – Emilee Farstead

Encourage the student body to be more supportive as a while- I.E: promoting volleyball games, musicals/plays, art shows, fundraiser events! – Emily Kouzios

Make the school an open campus so students can leave during their free periods as well as lunch. – Emmie Farnam

Say go easy on the students with the workload.  – Ethan Munk

Check up on the students more, know what’s going on. – Evan Bennett

Some teachers need to relax and are too strict and make some students dread the class. – Gavin Jones

Take the alarms off the doors – Grant Jensen

Have Seniors explain the college process to juniors, not the counselors  – Halie Collins

Let students have more options on what to do. This school is great at letting students choose classes, but it s has a set of classes that need to be done in order to graduate. I’m not sure it is state required, but I think that student could benefit from doing classes they find interesting instead of forcing kids to do something. – Hannah Szubski

Allowing students to have choice every day. – Hunter Fredrick

Add a TV area in the library – Isaac Wolfinsohn

I would ask to be treated more like an adult. Some classes are centered around a college approach but others still resort to worksheets that seem like busy work and not allowing kids to go to the bathroom when they need to.  – Isabella Dimitriou

Open freshman doors – Jace Sparks

Add table tennis in gym because it would attract a lot of people, and it is very fun! – Jared Arkell

Add a pool to the fourth floor. – Jared Greiner

Give the kids more voice – Jarred Tabor

Get a rid of 1st and 9th hour “non-movement” periods. – Jen Briske

Be aware of what is actually happening. You have to go beyond the surface to see what is actually happening in students’ lives. – Jessica Angeles

They should let people eat outside for lunch on nice days – Jessica Bilodeau

Although we need to be prepared for college, I think that teachers should focus on helping us and working together for success, versus pressuring us and intimidating us into teaching ourselves.  – Jillian Shorten

Make school spirit mandatory  – Jordan Driver

Open up freshman hallway doors  – Kaleigh Doroba

Allow kids to leave school during free periods and start school later  – Karly Statter

Encourage more sympathy and a more inclusive school environment. This school has a lot of cliques and isn’t the most welcoming at times.  – Maddi Carey

Make it so someone can only be on hoco/prom court once so the same people aren’t on it EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.  – Maddy Kim

Expand parking lots  – Madi Sostarich

Treat the seniors with more respect. Also for teachers to listen to the kids when they have something to say. – Madie Bentsen

Make the library environment more conducive for studying and focusing – Maggie Popovich

Open the freshman hall door again – Matt Burseth

Put money into the soccer program instead of football. – Max Kauffman

Get rid of the alarms on the freshman hallway doors… it’s too cold in the winter to walk from the back of the parking lot to the front doors! – Mel Hahn

Let kids leave for commons – Michael Frachalla

More exposure to the many sports at PR. We have such talented athletes and sometimes they do not get honored as much as they should. – Morgan Taylor

Open up the freshman doors. Treat us like adults if you expect us to act like them. Give us more freedom.  – Mya Parochelli

Have dress up on Halloween – Nathan Ryskulov

Fix the AC and Heating issues. In some rooms, it’s ice cold and some rooms it’s extremely hot. It seems like there’s never a good balance throughout all of the rooms in the school. – Nick Gutowsky

Take the alarms off the doors (freshman doors specifically), allow us into the foyer during all periods. Give us more freedom. – Nikki Anderson

Let people leave if they have 9th commons. – Noah Smeja

Eliminate bullying – Owen Hirschey

Create a better student atmosphere, I feel as though some students are going through day to day not having fun because of the way school makes them feel.  – Peter Blanchard

I would suggest that PR should better educate its students about the importance of mental health.  We constantly hear how important our grades are, but I rarely hear how important our mental health is. – Ross Relic

Actually install a 4th floor pool. – Sera Trigo

Less pressure to take AP classes, and more exploration of different fields of study  – Sophia Pascente

Open the door by the autos class – Steel Blew

Open the freshman doors – Tim Cook

Take the alarms off some of the exterior doors.  – Trevor Feucht

Have school start later  – Victoria Trax

Invest more into school pride. It would be amazing to see all the students walking around town repping there PR Letterman jackets – Zach Alexander

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