Class of 2019: Our Favorite Teachers and Classes


Prairie Ridge faculty and staff gathered before school for a picture on Friday, April 12, 2019, wearing jerseys in honor of Mr. Mason who loved to wear jerseys and have fun.

Mr. Powell- Somehow made math very fun and always challenged me to do my best. Mrs. Brechbiel- I had her for both Honors Chemistry and Physics and I enjoyed every one of her class periods. She was always there to listen when I needed to talk and always made time to help me with my classwork!  – Abby Klimkowski

Ms. Hammerstone – She is the best, I enjoyed being in her class so much! Math class with Ms. Orsi was great. I enjoyed every minute of it. – Abi Baca

Mrs. Brockland, Mrs. Hartnett, Mrs. Buck – Abigail Hoffman

Mr. Terhaar (APUSH): Awesome connectivity and overall fun class; Mrs. Dunker (AP Euro): Memories forever! One of the best classes I ever took! – Adnan Noorullah

Favorite teacher is Mr. Jensen because he connects with every kid he sees and also is passionate in what he does. He is also the man that has the most respect anywhere and that comes a long way. My favorite class is Business Incubator because it puts what you’re learning to the outside world and that is something all classes should do.  – Adrian Kochmanski

Ms. Eastham, Roberts, and Billimack; they are all super nice and a lot of fun to have as teachers. – Alexandra Dalzell

Mr.Wadlington and Mr. B because they helped me discover who I want to be. – Allison Ehrenberger

PR has many great teachers, but personally I love Mr. Kennett because he is always so energetic and caring, even at 7:25 am. Mr. Wads is also a favorite of mine because he is very understanding and always makes me laugh in class.  – Allison Mattran

AP Psych, Acapella choir, Spanish, Sophomore Honors English, Wads, Jensen, Mrs. Senese, Mrs. Pham, Mr. Taege, Mr. B, Mr. D, Mrs. Berg – Ally Akerberg

I’m so upset I never took a class with Wads before senior year. He is by far one of the kindest and most understanding teachers at PR! He always pushes you to do your best, but is also the first person to validate you if you’re having a bad day and do poorly on a test. – Amber Johnson

Mrs.Sandford, Ms.Roberts, Mrs.Jones, Mr.Cummins and Coach Card because they made school worthwhile. – Angie Thrasher

Mr. Terhaar because he always challenged me and always made me smile – Anja Trost

One of my favorite classes was Mr. Peterson’s U.S. History class, junior year. Mr. Peterson taught the class with such enthusiasm and passion which made learning that much more fun!

Another class I really enjoyed was Mr. Karlblom’s Career Internship class my senior year. The class was small so our class was able to get to know each other pretty well and have a really good time. Mr. Karlblom is an awesome teacher. He cares so much about his students and makes his class a fun time! – Anna Tulke

Mrs. Roberts, Mr. Stastny, Mr. Pellikan – Anthony Nardi

Psychology with Wads because it expands your mind – Ashley Roberts

Mr. Blakewell (band and AP music theory) for being the most humble and patient person I know! He’s the reason I fell in love with music, and I truly look up to him as a teacher, and person in general. – Bailey Schneyr

Mr. Boldwyn- always making funny freshman jokes, the most that I have laughed during my time at PR was probably in one of his classes. Mr. Powell- makes a lot of puns sometimes, helped me the most, mathematically. Mr. Pellikan- after dropping his psych class, due to medical reasons, he invited me back so I was still able to learn something, but not have that pressure on me. Sra. Lee- probably the best teacher I have had. She is super nice and understanding and is over a great person. – Bella Levitan

Mrs. Roberts because of her funny stories – Brennen Briske

Mrs. Roberts: she made my senior year fun and stress free.  Herr Higgins: he was my German teacher for all 4 years and he always knows how to make the class smile. Mr. Seiler: he had a simple but effective way of teaching I really appreciated and brought good humor to class everyday – Brooke Faron

Mrs. Boddy, Mrs. Kautz, and Mrs. Fuerholzer- They always made class fun! – Caitlin Pieroni

Mrs. Sanford  – Calvin Pesina

Roberts- always wanted the best for her students. Boldwyn- always encouraged me to do my best. Sanford- always made sure I was okay even if she didn’t have me as a student. Stantesly- always makes me laugh  – Camille Drain

APUSH!!!! So much fun and I learned about some really cool topics from our history – Carolyn Sveden

Herr Higgins makes learning German so interesting and seem so easy. Plus, he’s hilarious.  – Cassie Beadell

I can’t narrow down my favorite teacher, but my top 4 would have to be Mrs. Buck, Mrs. Roberts, Mr. Karlblom, and Coach Pec. These 4 teachers have gone above and beyond for me through my high school years and I will forever be grateful for each and everyone of them. I would personally like to thank my good Italian friend coach Pec for always believing in me and pushing me to want to do better. I will carry that with me forever. Thank you to every teacher that has crossed paths with me thought out my 4 years of being wolf. I love and appreciate all of you – Cassie Cassano

Terhaar’s APUSH class – Terhaar teaches with such passion for history, & I always was so engaged in that class and excited to learn. He would laugh with us and make every project fun and exciting.  Seiler’s AP Chemistry class – my AP Chemistry class has about 9 people in it and because of such low numbers, we all really bonded into a family. I love how much Seiler cares for his students and genuinely wants them to succeed. The amount of times I came to him in a free period asking for help was countless, but he never failed to challenge me to think smarter and work hard; through tears and lots and lots of complaining, he motivated me to push on and never give up. Having a teacher really invested in their students, especially with a class as difficult as AP Chemistry, only helps to fuel the desire of a student to be successful, and Seiler did just that.  – Chloe Gale

Mr. Simak made my first impression of high school amazing, and if I weren’t for his jokes I would not have made it through geometry. Mrs. Brechbiel was a person that was there for me anytime I needed it even when I wasn’t in her class. She still has a huge impact on my life today. My favorite class was Honors English because we were always assigned the most interesting projects. – Colette Reiche

My favorite class is choir because it is one of those classes that takes you away from the school environment and allows you to enjoy yourself while learning about yourself as a vocal musician. – Colleen Schneider

Mrs. Boddy: she was the best – Connor Kahoun

My favorite teachers are Mr. Boldwyn and Mr. Wadlington because they both push me to be more and their optimistic spirits inspire me. – Cora Knochel

Dramatic Literature and AP Psychology – Delaney Minutillo

Mrs. Roberts Myth and Legend because it’s very entertaining   – Drake Regenhardt

Mrs. Hartnett teaching AP Lit and Speech were some of my happiest times here, because who doesn’t love Shakespeare and Public Speaking? – Drew Gende

Ms. Roberts, Mr. Stastny – Dylan Steinkamp

Mrs. Senese, Mrs. Eschman, Mr. Boldwyn, Mr. Pellikan, Mrs. Boddy, and Mr. Wadlington. They made class so much fun and made an effort to get to know me as a person. You can see how passionate they are about teaching and how much care so much about their students.  – Elena Faia

Wads has been my absolute favorite teacher this year and I wish I had a class with him prior to senior year because he makes you question a lot about yourself and really makes you understand others behaviors, etc.. not just through AP psych but as a human, as well. – Emily Kouzios

AP Chemistry with Mrs. Brockland because of my dream team lab partners Logan Dooley and Sam Gentges. – Emmie Farnam

Mrs. Roberts because she makes class fun. – Erik Podlasek

Mr. Powell, Herr. Higgins, Mr. Jensen. And AP Euro and AP US History.  – Ethan Munk

I loved Mr. Boldwyn because he knew how to brighten a class up pretty quick. – Evan Bennett

Wadlington – Gavin Jones

Jimmy Benson because he was the one that got away – Grant Jensen

Mrs. Bland! The only teacher I feel comfortable opening up to. – Halie Collins

Mrs. Roberts. She has made my last year in high school amazing. I always enjoy going to class, and I love hearing the different stories she has. – Hannah Szubski

One of my favorite teachers was Mr. Benson. I was lucky to have him for both POE and DE. He made engineering fun and was the reason I want to be an engineer. He also helped me outside the classroom on the tennis coach. With being my coach for 3 three years, he made me find a love for tennis and I’m very thankful for that. – Hunter Fredrick

Wadlington’s Psych and Soc classes. He makes class very fun and educational – Isaac Wolfinsohn

Mr. Senese because he sits down and works with you if you don’t understand a concept. He explains things in a different way if you’re having trouble understanding.  – Isabella Dimitriou

Mrs. Roberts and Ms. Hammerstone because they the goats  – Jace Sparks

Petersen because of his dad jokes – Jaclyn Martino

Mrs. Boddy because she is so kind and supportive to all of her students. Mr. Boldwyn and Mr. Wadlington because they teach in a way where they add a little humor in the classroom! – Jared Arkell

Mrs. Buck because she made math very fun for me freshman year when I was really losing interest in it. Ms. Orsi because she pushed me to take harder math classes and supported me the whole way. Mrs. Brockland for making Chemistry my favorite subject and keeping class fun with witty humor. And finally Mr. Wadlington because he always makes class interesting and is always something that I look forward to in the day. – Jared Greiner

Art/graphic design, lunch, gym only on choice days because of dodgeball – Jarred Tabor

My favorite teacher has to be Mr. Cummins because he’s a beast. – Jen Briske

Mrs. Roberts, because she is fun in the classroom – Jered Marrs

Favorite teachers have to be Wadlington, Koeppen, Powe, Gallagher, Boddy, Passaglia, Cummins, and many more. But they have always made class fun and very interesting and just overall great people to spend 45 minutes with 5 times a week! – Jessica Angeles

My favorite teachers were Mrs. Veldhoff and Mr. Boldwyn. They were both very nice and funny, and I liked the way they taught  – Jessica Bilodeau

Preschool Lab — It was so much fun to teach the kids every day, and to spend a period a day doing arts and crafts with my friends! – Jillian Shorten

I have a lot of favorite teachers. My top 3 are Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Boddy and Mrs. Buck. These ladies have always made class fun and made me look forward to their classes – Jordan Driver

Wads: he makes class interesting. Passaglia: She’s personable and I enjoy going to her class everyday. Stantesly: I liked going to her class and she made a hard subject easy to understand  – Kaleigh Doroba

Sra. Lee – Karly Statter

Ms. Orsi and Mrs. Glover. They care so much about their students and want them to enjoy and understand the material as much as they do. – Logan Dooley

Simak because he’s always there to talk about my problems. Mrs. Senese because physics is  phun and she’s awesome. Mr. Seiler because he always helps me even when he’s busy and we make s’moreos even though he hates them. Dunker/Mr. Petersen in Honors World Studies because that was the most fun and interesting class I have ever taken. Mrs. Keaty because french is so fun, OUAIS!!! – Maddy Kim

Roberts always makes class fun – Madi Sostarich

My favorite teacher is Mrs. Passaglia because she’s always fun to be in class with, she makes lessons interesting, she gets to know me as a person, and she teaches my favorite class, forensics.  – Madie Bentsen

Mrs. Dunker’s AP Euro is a blast. You’ll hear the weirdest things ever in that class, all while learning how European rulers were whack – Maggie Popovich

Mr. Terhaar, Mr. Petersen, Mr. Senese, Mrs. Passaglia, Mr. Boldwyn and Wads – I had so much fun in their classes and they really care about their students.  – Maggie Schremp

I enjoyed AP Comp Sci the most. I found the material actually fun, and I found myself not being distracted as easily in the class. – Matt Burseth

Mr. Boldwyn and Mrs. Roberts, they’re the two teachers that actually made me start enjoying English classes. – Matt Sinchak

Mrs. Roberts, very nice and have good connections with. – Max Kauffman

Mrs. Boddy because she is such an amazing teacher and Mr. Simak because he is a lot of fun.  – Mel Hahn

AP Calc with Mrs. Boddy, AP Psych with Wads, and Spanish with the Taeges 🙂 – Mia Jackowski

Ms. Roberts, Mr. Stastny, Wads – Michael Frachalla

Mrs. Hartnett because she was not only a teacher, but a friend. She made me excited to come to class every day. – Morgan Taylor

Mr. Simak and Mr. Terhaar because they made class fun and made the class interesting. – Mya Parochelli

Mr. Wadlington – Nathan Ryskulov

My favorite class throughout high school had to be Intro to Tech. Design my Freshman year with Mr. Benson. I loved the energy that the teacher brought every day and the way that we worked on computers and built all sorts of different items really interested me. My favorite teacher, however, has to go to Mrs. Boddy because she is the sweetest teacher ever and never stops smiling. – Nick Gutowsky

Mrs. Stantesely because she made learning fun, and she cares about our lives outside of school. Mrs. Boddy because she was enthusiastic everyday and always positive. – Nikki Anderson

Mrs. Roberts because she is so kind and makes class so fun. – Noah Smeja

Wads, Seiler, and Brockland – Olivia Annen

Mrs. Dunker because she made World Studies fun and I feel like I retained the material well. – Owen Hirschey

Mr. Low- Advanced Design 6th Period. He is constantly pushing me to be better and do my best and he tries to have a relationship with all his students. Boddy 3rd period AB Calculus. She always came to class happy. She makes math fun and I’m going to keep her color-coded notes for college. – Peter Blanchard

Brenda Brockland (AP Chemistry) and David Jensen (A Capella Choir) because they’re incredibly effective and fun teachers who truly care about their students. – Ross Relic

Mr. Benson, Mr. Seiler, and Mrs. Brockland are my favorite teachers because they never failed to put a smile on my face. – Sera Trigo

Mr. Koeppen – always has great advice, wants to help, and is someone I felt comfortable talking to. Also Mrs. Boddy and Mr. Zier who make math class something to look forward to! – Sierra Winoker

AP Gov with Ms. Hammerstone and AP Calc with Mrs Boddy  – Sophia Pascente

Mr. Low, Mr. Koeppen, Mr. Wadlington, Engineering(PLTW)  – Steel Blew

Mrs. Hartnett & Madame Keaty have been my favorite teachers because I formed such close relationships with them since they’ve known me through all four years of high school. They also taught two of my favorite classes: AP Lit and French!  – Sylvia Hensley

Mrs. Roberts and Mr. Pellikan because they are the goats – Tim Cook

My favorite teacher was Mr. Benson because he sparked my love for architecture.  – Trevor Feucht

Mr. Terhar and Mr. Jensen because both put forth pride in what they teach and make learning fun. – Victoria Trax

My favorite teachers would be Wadlington, Roberts, Terharr, and Kazlauskas. They all were really great at teaching their given classes and you could tell they really loved what they did. I was never bored in their classes – Zach Alexander

Mrs. Roberts – Zach Gregorio