Class of 2019: What We Fear


Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay

The Prairie Ridge seniors ('19) spelled out their fears in an online survey in April.

Seniors answered an online survey in April to finish this sentence: “My fear about the future is …”

How unclear it is!  – Abby Klimkowski

Failing to follow through with what I have planned for myself.  – Abigail Hoffman

Not doing well in college and/or struggling to pay loans (if I have to take one out) – Adnan Noorullah

My biggest fear is procrastinating as much as I did in high school. – Adrian Kochmanski

Making new friends and establishing a new and comfortable community. and not getting lost!!  – Ally Akerberg

Being completely self sufficient and self reliant. It’s the independence I’m excited for, but I’m also afraid of failing! – Amber Johnson

Getting stuck in America – Ashley Roberts

Not surviving through college level music theory. – Bailey Schneyr

Food – Bella Levitan

Knowing what I want to do – Brennen Briske

Not pushing myself hard enough – Brooke Faron

Not succeeding  – Caitlin Pieroni

College  – Calvin Pesina

Being alone – Camille Drain

Not being able to make it on my own in college. – Cassie Beadell

The unknown. I don’t wanna leave everyone behind. I don’t like change so it’s just not knowing what’s next and new for me, but at the same time I’m very excited.   – Cassie Cassano

Fear of failure, for example, failure in college classes or college running – Chloe Gale

Doubting the choices I will make to better myself and the career path I choose.  – Colette Reiche

Losing time to have music be a part of my life and also disappointing my parents. – Colleen Schneider

Being unhappy – Cora Knochel

T-series beating Pewdiepie – Dan Rykowski

College  – Drake Regenhardt

Losing my personality in a world full of pessimists.  – Drew Gende

WW3 – Dylan Steinkamp

Not making enough money to support myself… – Emily Kouzios

Choosing the right major – Erik Podlasek

Living on my own – Ethan Munk

Not making it – Evan Bennett

Not knowing what I want to do. – Gavin Jones

The uncertainty – Grant Jensen

The moment we can’t reverse all the damage done to the earth  – Halie Collins

That I won’t be happy with the life I have. I also have big dreams, and I don’t want to give up on them. – Hannah Szubski

Not enjoying my job. – Hunter Fredrick

That I won’t do well in college – Isaac Wolfinsohn

Choosing the wrong major and being stuck not having qualifications for a Job.  – Isabella Dimitriou

Not graduating college  – Jace Sparks

How I’m going to get to where I want to go – Jaclyn Martino

Nothing. I’m not afraid of what the future holds. God has a plan for me! – Jared Arkell

No fears. God has a plan for me! – Jared Arkell

Not achieving my goals or (somehow) growing to hate my major. – Jared Greiner

Missing my friends – Jarred Tabor

Still living with my parents when I’m 40… – Jen Briske

Failing – Jered Marrs

Not knowing what exactly is gonna happen. – Jessica Angeles

If I’m going to be happy in my future job – Jessica Bilodeau

Not being able to put in an IV or draw blood (I want to be a Nurse) – Jillian Shorten

Losing connection between all my high school friends  – Jordan Driver

Ending up in a career that I’m not happy in  – Kaleigh Doroba

Not being happy with whatever I am doing – Karly Statter

Being a failure at my career and not making friends in college.  – Maddi Carey

Being stuck at a job I hate and feeling like my education and money has been wasted. Also never finding a husband and never getting married.  – Maddy Kim

Failing – Madi Sostarich

It turning out to be something different than what i’ve planned out ahead of time.  – Madie Bentsen

Losing touch with my current friends – Maggie Popovich

The risk of losing the friendships I have made during my time here – Matt Burseth

Finding a good job in the field I want to get into. – Matt Sinchak

Where I will be in 5 years – Max Kauffman

Not being successful – Mel Hahn

No fears yet. Fear is fake. If you have the correct mindset, you’ll be good. – Michael Frachalla

Finding my place and being so far from my family. – Morgan Taylor

Not knowing where my classes are going to be  – Mya Parochelli

Ending up a hobo – Nathan Ryskulov

Moving away to college. Being home for so long now, it will definitely be a challenging experience to leave home and head to college which I will call home for the next 4 years. – Nick Gutowsky

The difficulty of college classes – Nikki Anderson

Not succeeding – Noah Smeja

Not getting a good job – Olivia Annen

Getting sick – Owen Hirschey

Not seeing some of the people who made my high school years actually enjoyable.  – Peter Blanchard

Losing connection with the friends I have now. – Ross Relic

Sneezing while I’m driving and getting into a car crash. – Sera Trigo

Not putting myself out there as much as I should  – Sophia Pascente

Bills – Steel Blew

Having any regrets – Sylvia Hensley

The ocean – Tim Cook

Not succeeding on my career path – Trevor Feucht

Artificial Intelligence  – Victoria Trax

That I’ll look back into my yearbook, and find all my passed friends struggling to make a living. I could never wish that upon anyone. – Zach Alexander

Moving out/ bills – Zach Gregorio